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Hey there! My name is Mohammad Makki, but you can just call me Makki, as I’ve come to be known personally.

Before this website, I was just a regular kid, more into video games and movies than making money.

My interests include Dragon Ball, Pokemon, movies, and everything Disney. This is kind of shoehorned in, but I have to establish a few things so I don’t go out of character, you know.

I didn’t know what I wanted to be, and I didn’t give it much thought. All I knew was that I wanted to go to Disneyland someday.

But as I sped through high school, I ended up drawing a blank on what I wanted to do with my life.  Do I go to university? Get a trade? Why would I spend years doing something I wasn’t sure of? What a dilemma! I just wanted to go to Anaheim. But money was an obstacle. It always was.

I never liked the idea of working for someone else for minimum wage. When I work, it’s usually hard for me to be truly enthusiastic. I hate people telling me what to do, and deciding how much I get paid. I’ll admit I’m stubborn as a mule. A little lazy, too. But enough self-depreciation. I saw people working hard day in and day out, using most of their wages to cover taxes. I respect hard workers, but was I destined to be a ‘9 to 5-er?’

Then it came to me… the Internet would solve my money problem!

I’ll be the first to admit I never thought the Internet could make me rich. After all, to most teenagers, social media and memes are what the Internet is all about (though I do like memes).

A few months after graduation, I noticed an ad for a dropshipping directory. eCommerce, as it turned out, was a lucrative business. But with so much competition out there, I turned to eBay selling, then Amazon, then Shopify. All were disappointing. They weren’t conducive to beginners. Or maybe I just sucked. But let’s move on.

Effortless Income: Enter Affiliate Marketing! 

One day, I got a random email promoting an ‘affiliate marketing‘ webinar. This was new to me. I could get paid for selling other people’s stuff? No way! Being an affiliate will make me rich!…or at least financially self-sufficient. I’d be happy either way.

But I didn’t realize being an amateur affiliate marketer was gonna be such an exercise in trust and patience…

Right off the bat I searched for a way to break in. And boy, did I find ways. Dozens of amazing offers were out there, waiting for gullible and desperate rookies. You know the kind:

  • “Limited Time Offer!” Only 1 Left! 80% Off!
  • Don’t Miss This Chance to Get Rich
  • Get $10,000 a month! Just pay $2000 first!

If I had a higher paying job, I would have fallen for that last one. However, I did fall for a couple. They were like 20 bucks, but the fact that I had been effectively cheated was made clear when every time I bought something, they attempted to up-sell me. Right after saying this was all I needed!

I decided that affiliate marketing was only for professionals who knew how to exploit rookies. I could never make it. I was about to throw in the towel… until I came across Wealthy Affiliate.

A New Beginning!!

Wealthy Affiliate seemed unreal to a jaded novice like me. Free, with an optional premium membership. That was it. No up-sells, or any other hi-jinx that established marketers engage in. What’s more, it wasn’t marketed as a guaranteed get-rich-quick scheme. Nope, WA is honest and tells you firsthand that getting paid will only come with hard work and dedication.

WA introduced me to a community of like-minded peers who all wanted to succeed online. I immediately got helped whenever I asked a question, even by the founders themselves.

If you’re interested, read my review. You won’t regret it.

As I learned more and more from WA, I became convinced I could make a living online. And now I am! Make no mistake, I’m no expert. Not yet, at least. But I know I can get there with some time, and be, well, an internet success!

With my affiliate marketing training, and the website I was able to build, I decided to spread word, and help people who are in the place I was in when I started.

Knowing my sheer egocentricity, making a full ‘About Me’ page would take forever. Check out the blog for more personal/motivational posts, or more of my backstory (or lack thereof?).

Feel free to leave a comment below. Introduce yourself! Don’t be shy! We’re all mammals here.

Your pal,


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3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Makki, This is a great about me page, and oh so true, there are so many get rich quick schemes out there and how people can do that to others is just unfathomable to me, you have touched on the core of why people are so hesitant to attempt to build a genuine business on line.

    It is nice for me to see that there are still people that are willing to work for a living, as me being of the latter baby boomer generation it is like a breath of fresh air, I hope you do well with WA and it sounds like you will because you are willing to put in an effort, much success to you in the future.

    1. I don’t think all millennials are unwilling to work. A lot of us definitely are entitled, though. Once you realize that success in the real world only comes from self-application and hard work, the motivation comes easily.

      Scams are a huge reason why I got started. I got burned too many times, and watched too many others suffer worse fates. I decided to help those other people before they get cheated and possibly quit online business. Online income is certainly doable, you just need the right help! Thanks for reading Wanda!

  2. Hey Makki….
    OH BOY! Can I relate to this especially the gullible and newbie taken advantage of! Love the about me page very down to earth and very honest… If I have learned one thing its that the more transparent and honest you are, where it can be seen and proved true, the better off you are on the internet…. we are all tired of the scams and the cheaters, we want real information, from real people, with real solutions, to real problems. thanks for this your site; looks great, I am only on day 6 and course one lesson 4 here but I find a great number people here wiling to assist and offer help …real help WOW!!! was I ever glad to find WA….. have a great week filled with passion and possibilities…. Theresa

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