End of the Line! My Life Goals

My Life Goals

After a first few weeks of relevant content, I thought it’d be a good idea to write about myself and my life goals for a change. No reviews or business or keywords. I mean, if a website is supposed to be about what you love, I’m entitled to write about myself right?

Well, I guess the answer to that is purely subjective. Anyway, my intention is writing this post is just to put my three main goals out there, on my site. It lets me share something about myself,and it gives you readers the chance to chime in with your goals. Plus, it’s my birthday.

Getting your goals out of your head makes them more realizable.

And, somewhat forebodingly, it kinda forces me to accomplish them, since I’ll always have this post staring me in the face. Forced Accomplishment (FA) is what I like to call it! Try it out sometime. It’s what moved me to write this out.


This goal is just gonna hang over me till I do it, which is a good motivator in itself.

In a year, I wanna be in Los Angeles. Well, that’s my first goal. I’ve never gone this personal before. Websites can change you!

 E3 and Wrestlemania


The Electronic Entertainment Expo is the place to be every June for any gamer. It’s huge! It’s basically Comic-con for video games. There are conferences, demos, new products, and all that.

If you really wanna know more about it, click that link I gave. I’ve wanted to go to e3 since forever and a half ago. The latest one happened just a few days before this writing, and I wasn’t any less enthusiastic. In fact, watching the live streams is what made me decide to write this.

e3 is pretty crowded, but that’s part of what makes it so appealing.

As I looked at the crazy new Spider-man game for PS4, or the new Zelda that was the most hyped game at the event, I thought, “well, I gotta have a slice of that action.” I’m sure most readers won’t know the significance of the games themselves, but everyone understands what it’s like to be at the reveal of a new… um, a new thing! Anything!

One of the games I mentioned. You don’t have to know what it is to know what the feeling is like!

E3 is actually hard to get into. There’s only a limited number of tickets. That makes it all the more attractive to someone on the outside. I’m sure you’ve been in this situation before, in whatever your hobby is.


You’ll notice the headline has Wrestlemania in it too. I hate repetition, and the 2 places are basically the same concept of going to a big annual event.

Wrestlemania is basically the Super Bowl of professional wrestling. It puts e3 to shame in terms of size. The latest edition attracted 100,000 fans in AT&T stadium in Texas!

Regardless of how you feel about the show, everyone can see that wrestling is a crowd-driven show. Audiences can get very enthusiastic. And at Wrestlemania, that quality is amplified.

That’s a lot of people! Those top levels are so high it takes light from the ring a few seconds to reach them.

Being a wrestling fan, I would wanna go there at least once in the future. Front row tickets too!

Those are my 2 most anticipated shows of the year. Getting to go to either of them (or both) would make my day. Actually, make that my year. My decade! Century! Millennium!

Sorry about that. It set itself up, really.

Destination Disneyland

No matter how bad I wanna do my first 2 goals, my drive to them is dwarfed by my drive to go to Disneyland. The will to go is strong. Any time I’m being weighed down by doubt or hopelessness, I just think about going to Disneyland.

Now this could keep me motivated for ages! It just looks so cool!

You might be wondering why this is so important. Well, for starters, my role model is Walt Disney. He’s the Beethoven to my Schroeder, if you will. I hope you guys get that reference, ’cause it came out smooth as butter.

Where was I? Oh yeah, Walt Disney. I’ve read every book on him there is, and I know how important a milestone Disneyland was in his life. I could (I will) write a whole post about Walt, but right now the point is he made Disneyland.

The resort itself is supposed to be amazing! A combination of technology, fantasy, innovation, and an idealized USA. I’ve read about every theme park and attraction. I know everything, but at the same time nothing.

What makes Disneyland different from e3 is that it’s year round, and it’s a place I would live in if it were possible. I’ve always loved to travel to escape real life, but Disneyland is designed for maximum escapism.  It resonates personally.

I remember when the family was about to go on a trip to Disneyland about 10 years ago. Boy, was I excited! Then the travel guy gave us a quote, and we couldn’t afford it. Little me was crushed! I made a vow to myself to be able to afford to go to Disneyland every year.

Needless, to say, I was a little jealous seeing friends and classmates take the trip. Not the bad jealous! I just really wanted to go myself. So I guess you could say I got motivated to be able to go myself.

I could go on and on. But there’s always a future post.

Fruits of Labor The Importance of Goals!

It would have been easy to just say I wanna make a pile of dough online. That’s what every business is about.

But the truth is, I’m incredibly careless with money. It’s a trait that hasn’t been lost to maturity. I find it hard to save cash (all it takes is some cool merchandise to empty my wallet). Since this website is gonna be earning slowly, it’s a good opportunity to learn to control myself.

Roy Disney with countless merchandise. I love really vintage stuff, and Disney. I’d probably spend more than I could afford in this room.

The point is, every website you see has a non-monetary goal behind it, of some guy wanting to visit a theme park or be an actor or anything in between (I know that made no sense).

Sometimes I imagine myself with a million bajillion dollars, and if my imagination has me as the same guy I am now, it means money is not gonna help. You need goals! Stuff to do! That’s when I remember Disneyland!

For me, experiences are better than things. Materials are short-lived.

Writing this post allowed me to really visualize my goals. It sets them in stone (well, code) permanently. FA will have it’s intended effect, and as I see this post every day on the main menu, I’ll be reminded of what the June 19,2016 version of me idealized.

Thanks for reading my vanity project personal list! I hope you related to it.

Do you have any goals you’d like to share? Of course you do! Then write ’em down below! I’m sure they’re a lot bigger than mine.

Your pal,










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18 thoughts on “End of the Line! My Life Goals

  1. Makki,
    Those are some great goals man but you may want to change locations. Louisiana is now considered the Hollywood of the South. There are literally tons of movies and tv shows being filmed here. You could easily move to Louisiana and connect with actors, movies, etc. fairly easily. You could even audition to be an extra. I have several friends who have done that on a regular basis.

    Also, I’ve been to two WrestleMania’s and they are fantastic!!

    Hit me up man. There is more than Los Angeles. 🙂

    1. I can’t believe I didn’t consider that! A quick search shows you’re right, Shawn! It looks like Louisiana is more than just good food!

      However, the core of that goal, is to get enough money to go to a place to act. So, Louisiana can be slid in there easily. I actually think I might go there too.

      I’m sure you went to the 2014 Wrestlemania. That was the best one in recent times and it was in New Orleans. What a perfect storm for you!

      Thanks for your suggestions Shawn!

  2. You have some great life goals written here. Many of which I can put down as some of my personal goals as well. Bucket list if you will. I can truly relate to the Destination Disneyland goal for my grandkids want to visit there and I would like to do that for them while they are still young enough to find the magic in it.

    Truly great post.

    1. I’d have to say Disneyland is for everyone. But from what I understand, kids have the best experience. Still, it’s a place for everyone’s inner child! Thanks so much Lee!

  3. I really respect you man, i think we are quite similar, i would much rather have great expereinces than a billion dollars, love that you had the courage to share your goals, i am quite guarded about them.

    1. Your respect is much appreciated! I’m quite guarded myself! But, I had to have something to encourage me to do these things, and it’s a fact that writing goals down helps you achieve them!

      Thanks for your compliments Gino!

  4. I love acting as well. I majored in theatre and acted on a show as one of the major roles and I truly loved the experience. Although it’s not my main passion but maybe it’ll turn into one in the future…who knows? Right now I’m more open to different options. Just mainly focusing on finishing up my bucketlist and trying different things.
    You’d probably love where I live. I live about 10 minutes away from Disneyland and to LA it’s about less than an hour drive.
    I also agree on writing your goals to be the best way to accomplish your goals as I have written bunch of stuff on my bucketlist and I’ve been on this journey almost a decade and have accomplished a lot of them already. Definitely, because I have written them down as my bucketlist, I became obsessed and driven to accomplish them.
    I hope you make it to LA and also experience Disneyland soon.

    1. I’d love to hear more about your acting career sometime. Just to hear another experience.

      I was actually fearful that eventually I’d lose passion, but keeping these goals on the site keeps me focused. Knowing you accomplished most of your goals after writing them down only encourages me more.

      You’re incredibly lucky to be living there! I would love it. And I hope I make it there too, haha. Thanks a bundle Joon! You have no idea how motivational your comment is!

  5. Hi Makki, good read man! You are right about the importance of writing down your goals and sharing it with people.

    If you work hard enough on your online business, you should be doing consistent money by the end of the year.

    Keep it up! Third article I read ob your site!

    1. That’s really encouraging! It took some effort to finally make this all public, but it’s been worth it.

      I’m extremely flattered to hear this is your third article! I’ll try to be even better. I do hope I can make money eventually. Thanks so much Sim! This comment means a lot!

  6. Hey Yeah Makki,

    That’s right I get it. I have been so worried about telling people my goals in case I don’t achieve them, I have been holding myself back.

    Thanks for unblocking my road!!!!

    1. I hope you tell people your Carl. It’ll motivate you to achieve them. Or embarrass you if you don’t. High risk high reward! Thanks for commenting!

  7. Excellent goals Makki

    It’s always interesting to get a little insight about the goals and aspirations of others.

    Very inspirational mate. Keep working towards those goals! 😉

  8. I think your analysis of WA is spot on. They do not make false promises about getting rich overnight. I am a premium member. Though I have only been a member for a few months and have not yet made any money I feel I am on my way to building a successful online business.
    I think it’s great that you give information on various money making online platforms. I plan to use your site as a future reference. Thanks for your site.

    1. Lofty praise there, Bill! I strongly encourage you to stay committed! You never know when success will happen. And thanks for remembring my site!

  9. Thank you for sharing about yourself. I am pretty private, too, but your writing is so easy to read and conversational that now I feel like I know you! You have awesome goals and I wish you lots of luck (because in acting I know it takes luck in addition to talent and hard work.) One of my goals that I have is to visit Italy. Too bad things like travel are so expensive. Money doesn’t buy happiness, but having enough to pay the bills and a little left over makes life more relaxed for sure! Best wishes on all of your endeavors!

    1. Thanks for your kind words Melisse! I’m glad you like my writing. It’s really encouraging. And I’m gonna need all the luck I can get! I hope you get to Italy soon!

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