Motivation at Work!! 5 Ways I Stay Incentivized

Motivation at work (yes, website development and blogging is work, even if it’s enjoyable) is one of the core issues affecting internet bloggers. We’ve all had that feeling of, “This isn’t working.”

When working on a new website, it’s common for people to feel a lack of drive early on, especially if they’re new to internet content creation. Since most sites grow slowly, numerous webmasters in turn grow impatient and frustrated.

“Why should I write that post? No one’s reading anyway.”

That used to be my mindset. I’ve moved on over time, but there are countless others who just need some encouragement to get past what I like to call ‘the point of no return.’ It’s kinda dramatic, but you get the idea.

Here I’ll show you 5 techniques/advice/(insert third synonym here) I like to use to make sure I never lose my will to go on.

Remember Websites Take Time to Grow

Yeah, by now you’ve heard it a gazillion times, but that doesn’t make it any less true.

If you start any kind of business, you’re basically signing up to have huge amounts of time and effort put into it. Some of you might counter saying,

“Well, I’m not growing at all!”

Here’s the the thing, you don’t really know when your website will really explode. It could be anything you write that blows up your search engine rankings.

A simple yet sound quote from everyone’s favorite billionaire

Being patient makes you less rash (duh), which is very important. See, being rash means you make decisions in the interest of growing fast rather than building your site. Need an elaboration? Let’s take a for-instance.

You’ve probably heard of SEO optimization. It’s basically getting your site in the first few pages of a search engine. The best way to do this is to write quality content, but many people take ‘shortcuts,’ in which they pay for ‘backlinks.’

Backlinks, which are links to your page from another can be spammy and generally toxic, especially is they’re bought cheaply. This actually hurts your site.

What’s more, people often buy useless keyword tools with services that are often available for free (I recommend trying Jaaxy’s tool).

I’ve kinda gone off track, but the point I’m making is, trying to rush your site will only hurt your reputation (and your wallet!). I prefer to build up a site naturally.

Get Some Feedback

Imagine being the only source of creative control for your site. Well, chances are, you actually are the only source. And that means your opinion, your self-doubt, will cloud your judgement and erode your motivation.

A view of the system I use to give and offer feedback at Wealthy Affiliate
A view of the system I use to give and offer feedback at Wealthy Affiliate

The best way to encourage yourself is to get someone else’s opinion of your work. This does wonders for your willpower. Take me for example.

I always try to get feedback on my site (Wealthy Affiliate has a built in Feedback system, giving me opinions from established site owners) because I always benefit. If the reviewer has positive feedback, I get motivated to continue. If they hate it, I’m motivated to prove them wrong.

This isn’t just a run-of-the mill tip either. I’ve had days where I was unable to write anything, then a review came in, and my mood totally flipped. I can’t describe it. I just feel a wave of encouragement pushing me along. It’s a feeling of power!

OK, that sounded more like a story about a drug high than a motivational anecdote. Still, I hope you get the point!

Make Your Writing Routine

Short and sweet one here. When I first started out, I was a mess, to be frank. I’d write posts at random times. Sometimes I’d be sleepy at night, other times I’d write while playing video games. One time I wrote intoxicated!

Haha, I was kidding about the intoxication. Anyway, when I started writing at a specific time (in my case, 2 pm), I found my brain adjusted to having to think at that time. Just as if I had math class, if I actually cared about math, or class. Blogs are way more fun!

Believe in Yourself

I know, I know, that headline is so played out. Ugh, I am not comfortable with cliché titles. You know what? Lemme just make a new one.

Motivation in Decline!? Reader’s Self- Confidence!!!

That’s much more… “me.” Right, let’s continue.

If you want your blog to be a success, you’re gonna have to be very confident in your ability to succeed. After all, if you, the owner and founder, don’t believe you can do it, why should anyone else?

If an elephant can fly, you can build a successful blog! Image by Disney D23

I could give a hundred cases of successful visionaries believing in themselves. It’s been done to death. Actually, lets do it to more death, to make sure you’re inspired.

  • Dr.Seuss got rejected 27 times before his first hit
  • Thomas Edison (he’s a bit controversial, but he did come from nothing) failed 1000 light bulb designs
  • Walt Disney (I could and would make a full website about him, if he didn’t already have one) started a few businesses before Mickey Mouse
  • Henry Ford failed 5 businesses!

The lesson here is, you are the only factor in your success. If you quit, it’s all on you.

Think of the Fame! Fortune! Prestige!

I hate pulling the money card, because money isn’t always the answer.

But let’s face it, more often than not, blogs are started with money as the end goal. And yeah, successful blogs bring in big bucks when monetized (through affiliate marketing).

So if you’re writing visualizing yourself sunbathing on that Hawaiian beach, or having a date under the Eiffel Tower, why not use the appeal of those dreams to force yourself to go on?

Never forget why you started!

My dream is to go to Disneyland. I still recall the disappointment when I found I would never go in my childhood. We didn’t have money. Since that time, I’ve dedicated myself to earning enough money to go to Anaheim at last.

You probably have huge dreams too. All you have to do is keep in mind that if you stop blogging, you lose out on a chance to be financially prosperous.

Inspired Once More!!

I hope these 5 of my ways did anything to improve your state of mind. Motivation is an important aspect of any work. Without it, even a skilled veteran is just as good as an eager rookie.

Did these pieces of advice help you out in any way? Did they improve your confidence? Do you have any tips to add?

Let me know in the comments below!

Your pal,




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22 thoughts on “Motivation at Work!! 5 Ways I Stay Incentivized

  1. Hey Makki!!!
    OMG this is amazing post!!!! I’m sort of new in this blogging thing, started 5 month ago and still haven’t had much success because I think I find myself loosing motivation more often than writing…
    Great tips you give here, will be sharing this if you don’t mind!!
    Best luck,


  2. Very nicely put together Mak,
    I am fairly new to WA and am still learning. (A LOT). I can see where some people would jump on the bandwagon but then eventually lose interest overtime if results aren’t what they had initially dreamed. You would be correct. Motivation is the key to keep going.


    1. Thanks for your input Lee. If people can get past the slow part, they’ll see it was worth it!

      I’m really glad you enjoyed it! I hope your WA journey takes you somewhere great!

  3. Great article! I definitely need to implement a specific time each day to write articles. I often just mass write articles over the weekend and I am actually ahead a few weeks in my article writing but I wonder if mass writing articles are hurting the quality of the post?

    Also, I think Thomas Edison actually failed 10,000 times – not 1000 times but regardless – All the more reason to never give up!

    Nice Article.

    1. Thanks so much Matt! Mass writing can be a good idea, but you have to be sure you’re not writing to fill a quota. That hurts your quality a little. But maybe you’re used to it?

      You’re right that its 10,000 times! I never noticed the error.

      Thanks again for commenting! It’sreally encouraging!

  4. What a great article Makki, I truly loved everything about it. Sometimes I have some doubts about achieving my goals with using my blog but then I go and read some successes that people achieved on WA and I get a boost of motivation immediately. Even if I’m not having doubts now your blog certainly gave a really good boost, thank you sir!

  5. Hi Makki,

    As I sit here attempting to write about content creation and getting nowhere, your post has soothed my negativity and feel my positivity is returning, and soon, I hope, followed by a burst of creativity.



    1. Wow, thanks Carl! I’m really honored to have the post affect you so positively! I hope I see your new post that my post inspired!

      Thanks so much! I really appreciate it!

  6. Thanks, Makki, for this inspirational post. There are many times when we lose the motivation to continue for whatever the reason. Your article serves to remind us that we are not alone and we can push through and achieve all we desire.

  7. Hi,
    I kind of like the way you write. Particularly enjoyed your light and engaging writing style. I think the Making Writing Routine is important as i need to enforce that on my own blog. Great sharing and Thanks.

    1. I really appreciate the comment on my writing! I think that’s the most important part.

      I hope you can make your writing more routine. Thanks so much Jeremy!

  8. I’m really glad I found this. Being new to the online marketing world I found these tips really helpful. I can’t wait to see what else you put out. Thanks!

  9. Hi Makki,
    Yes, it’s totally true. Sometimes you just feel as though you’re trudging along and no-one’s reading your fabulous posts. How dare they! lol… And, yes, there are times that you seemingly hit a wall, and you have to pull yourself out of the funk from time to time.
    So, some of my tips are to go to WA’s “success” posts, enjoy reading about their success, and to share my smaller successes as well. It’s nice to read about other people’s success, and how well they are doing, where and how they started, etc. As mentioned, I also like to share my status updates because it helps to inspire others who are just starting out. And, if you can give a little motivation to someone else, it’s a reminder of where you were not too long ago and how far you’ve come. It’s a nice pleasant feeling.
    Another tip is to use a vision board (yes, use what’s in “The Secret!”) I am currently having a poster that I recently bought framed. It’s a simple poster, but I’m having it double matted with black and light gray, and framed with a black and brown wooden frame. It reads, quite simply, “Good Things Are Going To Happen!”
    To Your Wealth!
    ~MMH (aka, Toni)

    1. Wow! This post is goldmine of advice, Toni! I’m honestly flattered.

      I’m gonna start following your examples. I love the idea of inspiring others. I used to cheer up just by reading the smallest success story.

      I actually already have a poster, but not as simple as yours.. it’s a Dragon Ball poster. Still, it does the same thing, motivate! I’ll add it in a future post.

      Thanks so much Toni! Your feedback is truly useful.

  10. Given the importance of content for SEO, I can’t agree more with your advice to make writing routine. I have learned to love blogging, and it has become the most important component of my online business endeavors, not only for traffic and conversions, but also for enjoyment! This is a very inspirational post that I needed today to get my butt into gear. Thanks for the insight!

    1. Glad to hear you’re a motivated blogger Cole! That can help so much. Mindset really is everything, and too many are in it for the money and will quit after not seeing immediate success. The fact that you’re impassioned is a good sign. Thanks for commenting Cole! Don’t give up!

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