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Are you fed up with all those ‘make money instantly’ products that seem to be the only way to make it as an online business?

Here’s the thing about most affiliate get-rich-quick schemes: they never have a free trial, and always try to suck more money out of you right after you buy a low priced product. This so-called ‘sales funnel’ is a clever way to maximize profit off a customer.

Much like you, I was once susceptible to these scams. Let’s face it, we all want to be instantly wealthy. But here’s the inconvenient truth:

There’s No Shortcut to Riches

As much as those professionals like to say there is a way to get rich fast, they skip over how long it took them to get to their position.

However, what if I told you there is one training program that can do what all those scams promise, and a lot more, for FREE?

Yes, I’m talking straight here.

Free Training?! The Solution Appears!

Let me introduce you to Wealthy Affiliate. It’s a program designed to teach you how to build your own online business. It explains in detail how to sow the seeds for an evergreen website and profit off of it.

Have no fear, this is not a scam (otherwise I’d look pretty stupid right now). It’s legit. You wanna know how you can tell right off the bat? Wealthy Affiliate doesn’t market itself as a ‘get-rich-quick’ scheme.

It tells you to your face: “You have to invest time and effort for this to work.”

What’s more, it’s FREE. You can try before you buy the premium membership (which isn’t even needed to make money, but so good you’ll end up getting it anyway). You don’t even need a credit card!

The defining feature of Wealthy Affiliate is that it’s a community. Everyone participates and helps one another. Every question or concern is addressed by like-minded peers. Even the founders are regular contributors!

Wealthy Affiliate’s Requirements For Online Success

A Website of Your Own

It makes sense, really. Any online business needs to have a website, but oftentimes the technological barrier is too high for people. Regardless, a website is the foundation of the business and is required.

Wealthy Affiliate solves this dilemma by making websites a total cakewalk to build. A few clicks and you’re done. It’s also free to start, so there’s absolutely no risk.

Access to Help

If there’s anything I hate more than being tricked into buying a product, it’s not being stuck on a problem with it. And if there’s anything worse than that, it’s having no one on hand to help you. Wealthy Affiliate lets you ask any question you want, and be answered by experts.

Practice and Motivation

How much time did it take you to learn to drive? To ride a bike? To swim? Chances are, a while, and countless tries before you made it. Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t apply the same reasoning to an online business. If they don’t see results in the first few days, it’s off to the next scheme or program.

Businesses take time and effort to take off. If you think WA can make you rich in a week or two, you’re better off somewhere else. Wealthy Affiliate (and just about any business) rewards patience.

What You Get For $0

If you sign up with Wealthy Affiliate, this is what you can expect for $0.

  • 2 FREE Websites
    • Highly optimized WordPress sites
    • Able to make money right away
  • Help and Support
    • Personal help from 10,000+ users
    • 24/7 Live Chat
  • Training
    • Tutorials
    • Detailed Video Walk-throughs
    • Expansive Courses on Site Building
    • Comprehensive ‘Bootcamp’ for potential affiliates

That’s what I like to see. All these features for free! I was almost scammed into paying $1500 for access to an affiliate community! Well, I never had the money anyway, but you get the point.

Now, there IS a Premium membership that offers a whole lot more than this list. In fact, it makes this list look paltry. But you can be the judge of that after you try out the free membership.

The table below lets you see for yourself!

Make It Happen! No More Excuses!

Wealthy Affiliate is giving you everything you need to achieve success. The only obstacle is YOU. I would know. I used to be afraid to try something new, something outside my comfort zone. But the fear of having no success at all was greater.

Forget the empty promises of ‘10,000 a month’ in a week, and make your own success. I go into way more detail in my review. I recommend reading it and signing up. It’s never too late.

Got any questions or comments? Leave ’em below! Don’t hold back!

Your pal,


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2 thoughts on “Getting Started

  1. Love this informative website ! You know you’re not being scammed when you can join for free! And all the loaded benefits make it that much better! Wow! Internet marketing can come true when you have the right program that has all the training and information to get you started and keep you successful! You’ve shown it all here !

    Thank you,

    1. Very true, Melissa. A free trial can make all the difference, especially when the program is good enough to actually hook you onto it. The many scams in the business don’t offer free trials for obvious reasons. Internet marketing is definitely possible to succeed in, if you have the right support. Thanks for commenting!

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