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Can the Internet Really Make You Rich?

As a matter of fact, it can! And in a myriad of ways!

Many of us constantly read about some crazy blogger who nets an unreasonably high profit off his website, or that guy making a million dollars with an online shop. To the average Joe, these people are basically lottery winners. He would never dream of doing what these guys do.

Sadly, I used to have the view of that average Joe. To me, the internet was about memes, Facebook, all that jazz. The ‘money’ part was for companies and established veterans. But all that changed when I did a little research.

Enough about me , though, that’s what the ‘About Me’ page is for! The point I’m trying to make is the internet is a goldmine of financial opportunities, if you know what to look for.

A Hundred Choices?! Internet Income!

As mentioned, the internet is full of potential moneymaking opportunities. Here are a few:

The Internet is full of money-making platforms!
  • Affiliate Marketing (visit the introduction for more on this)
  • Freelancing: Sell your services online for a fee
  • Content Monetization: Content is king, and your content can be sold around the Internet on several platforms
  • Actual Jobs: You can actually work jobs online
  • Reviews: Just review a product or service and get paid for it!
  • eCommerce: Sell things online! The most popular method

As the infographic above suggests, there are many platforms to make money on. Future posts on this site will go in detail on these platforms. The posts will be grouped in this category.

Do you have any other platforms or methods that I missed? Share your thoughts below!

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4 thoughts on “Profitable Platforms

  1. This infographic is a great guideline. I’m trying for the first time to work from home. I already have my website running; I need to create more posts with helpful content. In my case, it is more difficult because I have to write down the recipes and do the pics for my website. Since this is a residual income, I’m looking to make some extra money somewhere else. So this post is helpful, and I will follow the advice you are giving us in this infographic. Great post!!

    1. Yes, the infographic is a treasure. I consulted it all the time before I started my website. It really shows internet finance at a glance.

      These will no doubt help with extra money. But remember some of them are also content based, so it would take some time to bear fruit.

      Thanks for your comment Patricia! I appreciate it a lot!

  2. Hi Makki
    I have just recently set up a website and am seeking ways to make an income from home. I am definitely going to book mark your site as a future reference as I progress in my web site and seek to increase my earning potential, thanks for all the helpful content.

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