Keyword Tool

Do you wanna find some usable keywords for your next post? Or campaign? Or anything you want ranked, really. Here’s the place to get high quality results! Just search for a keyword below!


With a tool as advanced as Jaaxy, you might be a little confused. Not to worry! I’ll give you a quick rundown of the table, but you can read the full details here.

QSR (Quoted Search Results) is the most important field. This tells you exactly how many competing pages their are for that keyword. I’d make sure the number is under 300.

KQI, or Keyword Quality Index, tells you the general quality of a keyword. Remember a good QSR means nothing if the keyword is bad!

SEO power reveals if a keyword is suitable for, well, SEO. Basically, it combines all the other fields and shows you if your keyword can be ranked.

Finally, instead of focusing all your attention all the traffic column, focus on the Average (Avg) monthly searches. It gives me a better idea of how a busy a keyword is.

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