Super Incredible Keyword Tool! Jaaxy Review

Jaaxy Review

You wanna know what I hate the most about running a website? No, it’s not the writing. Or the financial cost. It’s SEO, or search engine optimization. Specifically, keyword research. It’s such a creatively restraining, yet absolutely necessary reality of websites.

keyword white guy red button
I wanna push that button so bad. Instead this tofu guy gets to ogle it.


But with that said, it’s no less worse! I still remember spending hours looking for decent keywords to use on my blog posts with so many rinky dink keyword tools. Looking back, these tools were very time-consuming.

Yep, I sure did dread the keyword research phase of any post. That was until I found Jaaxy, though! Jaaxy is the ultim-

Hey! What’s so bad about those other keyword tools?

Yeah, yeah. A fair question. I’ll tell you what’s so bad about them… in the next section!

Troublesome (Keyword) Tools

There’s one thing all keyword tools have in common: they’re very technical. Too technical. It’s often hard for a newbie to use one without getting lost.

But what’s worse than not knowing how to use it, is having to PAY for it, and then be lost. And if it’s anything like most useless products, refunds will not be available. That’s why most paid keyword tools are not worth it.

I’ll have to add that tools you have to install are troublesome to quite an extent. Keyword tools are supposed to be web based! Why should you install something that takes it’s info from the web?

Wait, a lot of programs are like that. Disregard that last bit.

Anyway, not all sucky tools are paid. There’s Google’s free keyword tool, for example. Hey, that’s good, right? Oh wait. No it’s not.

Google’s tool only takes Google results. Despite it’s ubiquity, Google’s search engine market share is about 66%. The other third is unaccounted for. That’s why Google isn’t ideal.

And keep this in mind; most keyword tools, free or not, rely on Google for data. So you’re basically using reskinned versions of Google’s keyword tool.

Basically, most tools aren’t worth your time (or money!).

OK, What’s So Great About Jaaxy?

Jaaxy has made my keyword research a snap. Hey, I’m not gonna say I like doing it now, but it did make things bearable. title_bar

Jaaxy works like any other keyword, but the value is in the information it gives. It only tells you what you need to know. No confusing bell ‘n’ whistles. Here’s what I use in research:

  • How much traffic a keyword gets (Traffic)
  • Amount of competition a keyword has (QSR)
  • Keyword quality  (KQI)
  • Number of  monthly searches, obviously (Avg)

The last one is SEO. It’s a ranking of your keyword. I’ll show you down below.

You can probably guess that Jaaxy does all of those.  You’d be right.

Convinced yet? No? Actually, I don’t blame you. This wouldn’t convince me either. Let’s keep going!

It’s getting kinda hard to just tell you about Jaaxy. I’ll show you instead!

Jaaxy in Action!

Alright, let’s do this! I’m gonna show you how Jaaxy makes keyword research so easy.

I’ll perform 2 searches in 2 different niches. I’ll let you choose the niches! Comment below and I’ll search it!

Ha! Just kidding! By time you read this I’ll be done, silly. So I’ll choose 2 of my interests.

Search #1: ‘Dragon Ball’

Jaaxy Search
I love Dragon Ball! When I make a site revolving around it, I can use searches like these to have a better idea of what to write!

Dragon Ball is probably my favorite franchise. I love the characters, and the fight scenes, and the-

Oh yeah, the review! So you’ll notice the various metrics I told you about earlier. The ‘Avg.’ column shows how many searches were performed for that keyword in a month. As you can see, ‘dragon ball’ is a popular keyword. Too popular, as matter of fact. I’m not gonna use that one. ‘dragon ball z anime,’ with 298 searches, is less competitive.

The ‘traffic’ column shows what how many visits to your website that you can expect using that keyword. So, a first page ranking for ‘dragon ball z anime’ will get me 51 visits. Pretty good, but I have to get to page 1 first!

QSR is possibly the most useful column. It shows me how many other websites use that exact keyword. In short, the competition. Using ‘dragon ball z anime’ again, we see that it’s QSR is 158. That’s actually great! Always aim for a QSR of 300 or less.

The Keyword Quality Indicator (KQI) simply gives you an idea of the quality of the keyword. Er, that’s not a very good definition. Just look: ‘dragon ball’ is yellow. That means ‘OK.’ It makes sense due to how many searches it gets. Green is what you’re looking for.

Finally, ‘SEO’ combines traffic and competition to give you a score from 1-100. The higher the number, the more likely you are to be in the first page. Looking at the photo, the highest SEO is ‘dragon ball z box sets,’ with 98! That’s an extremely favorable chance to get on page 1.

As you can see, there are lots of potential keywords just from one broad search! Let’s go to Search #2!

Search #2: ‘Disney’

Jaaxy Search Result Disney

Whoa! Can you guess the most popular Disney niche? Look at how much of the list is coloring books!

Can you see a good keyword? I can. ‘printable Disney coloring pages’ has high monthly searches, good traffic, a low QSR, and a SEO score of 93! This is an amazing keyword. It would work on any Disney or coloring book site.

On the other end of the spectrum, we see ‘Disney stuff’ with a low number of monthly searches, high QSR, a red light, and an abysmal SEO of 48. In layman’s terms, this keyword is trash. I can see why. ‘Stuff’ is vague and general. Not the best qualities in a keyword.

Jaaxy Search Result Disney
Narrowing a niche down makes it so much easier to find great keywords! Give it a try!

Now let’s try to dig in deeper! More specific. I clicked on ‘Disney video’ to get these results:

Now we’re talkin’! There are lots of good keywords here. I see some 100s in there!

Right off the bat, we see some good choices. ‘Disney channel videos’ has a high Avg and a low QSR. ‘cars Disney videos’ is also a good pick, with a formidable 20 QSR and a 95 SEO.

Now I have keywords for a potential Dragon Ball or Disney site! I use Jaaxy all the time this way, and I don’t regret it. With Jaaxy in my pocket, search engine rankings are mine!

Range of Prices! The Right Jaaxy Plan!

So I’ve spent this whole time showing and telling you about Jaaxy. You probably have a good idea of what it is by now. I hope you’ve decided it’s worth it! And I say ‘worth it’ because Jaaxy isn’t completely free. Don’t worry, I’ll explain.

Jaaxy Sign Up
The Pro and Enterprise plans are well worth the price. Still, the Free plan gives you a good idea of how valuable Jaaxy can be.

Now, Jaaxy comes with multiple membership plans. I’ll walk you through them, but first let’s take a look at the chart below.

OK, so we have the Free Starter, the Pro, and Enterprise (not USS, just Enterprise):

-The Free Starter plan gives you 30 free searches and a sample of what Jaaxy can do. Obviously great for reluctant or beginner users.

-The Pro plan gives you everything you need to use Jaaxy. If you’re just starting a website, this is a great choice. Most users have this one.

-The Enterprise plan is fittingly the best one. It’s basically Pro on steroids. Everything is sped up, more results are shown, and multiple tabs can be used at once. If you’re a serious user, this is the best choice.

All in all, everyone should at least try the free plan. You don’t even need a credit card. It’s worth giving it a whirl. After that you can decide for yourself whether the paid plans are worth it.

Click Here to Choose a Plan, Man! 

Keyword Kornucopia! Jaaxy Begins!

Yes, I know it’s spelled wrong. It’s a style, OK? Mortal Kombat and Donkey Kong taught me well.

I’m not gonna make Jaaxy look like some sorta miracle machine. I still hate keywords, and not even Jaaxy rids me of them completely. However, it does the next best thing: it makes the process of finding keywords painless. I don’t really have to overexert myself anymore.

If you’re serious about keywords-and let’s face it, you should be- I highly recommend Jaaxy. At least check out the free trial.

Start Your Free Trial Here!

What are your thoughts on Jaaxy? Have you tried it? How was your experience with it? If you joined from here, tell me how you like it so far!

Your komrade in keywords,

























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18 thoughts on “Super Incredible Keyword Tool! Jaaxy Review

  1. I’m also a subscriber to Jaaxy and I love it :). I think what separates Jaaxy from other Keyword tools is the alphabet soup section and the fact that you can save keywords to a list. I think those features are so useful. This was a very light-hearted review and also fair. I really enjoyed the read.

  2. Hey Makki

    Nice review
    I’m using Jaaxy for about two months now and let me tell you it made my life a lot easier ,the quantity and quality of information it gives is just great ,besides is a cheap keyword tool and for the best on the market


  3. Hi Makki,
    I like your review. You have a fun “voice”. I have paid for the Market Samurai Keyword Tool. I’ve used it a few times and felt it was okay. Then I found Jaaxy and tried the free trial and ….LOVED IT! I think it is so easy to use and gives the pertinent information. Unlike you, I enjoy doing the keyword searches. Needless to say, I probably won’t be going back to my other tool. Thanks for the review.

    1. My “voice” thanks you a lot! You should always be careful for tools like Market Samurai. I’m happy to see you also found Jaaxy worth a try! Love or hate keywords, it makes finding them way easier.

  4. There’s no doubt that Jaaxy is a powerful keyword tool, and for individuals looking to naturally produce traffic on their websites, SEO is critical. The only reason I don’t use Jaaxy regularly is because I use the supplied keyword tool inside an online business community called Wealthy Affiliate, but I’ve used my thirty free searches to expand my keyword-base. The one within WA gets the job done for me, but it’s nowhere near as powerful as Jaaxy is. Do you recommend any other keyword tools or is Jaaxy the only one worth mentioning?

    1. The WA keyword tool is an impressive alternative, Matthew. You won’t go wrong using it. Jaaxy and the WA keyword tool are best ones I can think of, but you already use WA, so you’re in a good spot. I’d suggest continuing with the WA Keyword tool till you can get Jaaxy.

  5. Hello Makki, my name is Jackie and I was looking at your page about Jaaxy and I thought it was so informative, I am using the trial subscription of Jaaxy right now and didn’t completely understand how to really use it ( new to web building here ) your page was so helpful to me and now I’m thinking about the monthly subscription.

    Now something I don’t enjoy doing but I just found the placement of your Facebook, Twitter etc on the left side of your page was distracting as I could not see the beginning of your sentences.

    The last thing I noticed is in one of your last paragraphs where you right I’m not gonna make Jaaxy looks like, when I think you want it to say Jaaxy look like, I no it’s a small thing, but I know if it was my site I would want to fix this minor issue.

    Other than that I thank you for letting me check out your page on Jaaxy I thought it was awesome, and I am going to join.

    Thanks again


    PS I wanted to let you know I looked at your whole site, it looks wonderful, I could learn a lot from you

    1. Don’t worry about it Jackie! I fixed the mistake. I didn’t notice it. Glad to see you joined Jaaxy. Study the site all you want, the important things is to get better!

  6. Great post on Jaaxy. I can definitely understand the pain of trying to find some relevant keywords and good content to follow that up with. I am a fan of DBZ as well, so I can certainly understand the popularity of the keyword. It’s a little surprising that it’s still so high up there, but also great. Thanks for the info!

  7. Makki my friend you write stellar reviews. They are so in depth, I can tell you really have a good grasp of the product man!

    I’m a website developer too, I plan on stepping up my game here soon and getting a professional keyword tool like Jaaxy, what is the number one biggest advantage of a paid one like Jaaxy compared to a free tool?

    1. Well, I do try and write well! Luckily it pays off! The best advantage would have to be the SEO score, in my opinion. It’s just the easiest way to know what’s going on with a keyword. But another thing I would add is the fact that it shows you exactly how many sites are competing (QSR). Many would say that’s the key. Thansk for your feedback Ryan!

  8. Hi Makki, SEO was a really boring task for my website at the beginning.

    To be fair, everything looks boring and difficult when you do not know how to do it.

    So, SEO it was just one of them. However, now it is not time-consuming or difficult anymore.

    If you learn how to figure out the competition of any keyword and how to place them on an article, it is not difficult at all.

    Jaaxy can help me with the first part. You can find by using it many low competition keywords.

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