Effortless Web Cash Formula Review!

Effortless Web Cash Formula ReviewEffortless Web Cash Formula
Overall Score: 2/10

Founder: Lauryn Hebert
Price: $37
Website: http://effortlessweb-cashformula.com/

Hello there readers! It’s Makki again with a new ‘get rich quick’ scheme to review. Will this product actually net you big bucks? You know the answer, but let’s have a closer look!

What is the Effortless Web Cash Formula?

I’m sure even the headline is struggling to support that mouthful of a name. A long name is usually means a quality product right? They obviously have a lot of thought put into them!

I’m gonna have to dismantle that straw man I set up back there. No, having a big catchy name does not mean this product is any good. In fact, God help you if you waste money on this blatant scam.

Are You Done? Let’s Hear What This Is!

Alright, alright! The Effortless Web Cash Formula (OK, let’s call it EWCF for short!) is an eBook. That’s it. It’s an eBook that you’re supposed to get rich from by reselling it.

Don’t be fooled! There’s nothing easy about this!

Well, that not the whole case. The eBook is a sales letter that promotes a $37 offer to buy the rights to that same eBook. You’re supposed to distribute the eBook to someone else, and if they spend the $37, you keep 100% of the earnings.

Sounds good at first right? Here comes Lauryn (the creator) promising you hundreds of dollars a day (sound familiar?) just for buying an eBook. Doesn’t that sound suspicious? Not even ‘Finding Dory’ was that fishy (great movie, by the way).

 What’s So Bad About It, Bub?

Good question, headline! Well, at first, having your own eBook that you can sell yourself does sound good in theory. So you buy this thing and are ready to get rich. Cool! What happens next?

That’s the catch, friend. How do you promote this? Chances are, if you bought this, you’re a total newbie at internet marketing. That means:

  • You have no known website: this hurts you the most, and all EWCF gives you is a landing page.
  • You have no idea how to get traffic to that site
  • You have no email list or anything of the sort

EWCF charges you $37 and gives you a simple landing page, a one page website. I previously went over how I built 2 full websites (like the one you’re reading now) for free.

All you have is an eBook that no one will see! Selling online is hard work, not the passive income dream so many think of it as!

The truth is, all those internet millionaires started very slowly, building themselves up. Traffic doesn’t come easy!

OK, you could pay for ads or freelancing or whatever, but that totally defeats the whole premise of the EWCF, doesn’t it? The ‘done for you’ premise?

This problem alone is enough to justify not purchasing this eBook, but there are others:

Here’s a thought: just as you’re buying the rights to this eBook, so too are hundreds of other customers! That means it’s not unique in any way.

You may not feel strongly about duplicated content, but Google does, and it will penalize you for having such content. Be aware of this.

Let’s just assume people even get to your eBook offer. Who would buy it? No one who knows even the first thing about online business/internet marketing would be interested in reading it, let alone buying the rights to it.

If those problems weren’t bad enough, there’s also the fact that as soon as you buy the rights, you will be offered an up sell. So you’re basically taken to buy other useless products. A common strategy in the industry, and one that works well.

The Bonuses

I hate not giving the full story, so I’ll tell you about the bonuses. Every $37 purchase includes 17(!) bonuses, supposedly worth $800. You can probably guess how thinly the quality is spread across these bonuses.

These are so-called ‘limited-time’ bonuses, but they’re really useless. I learned this stuff for free at Wealthy Affiliate, but you can find the info anywhere, really.

To put it lightly, all the bonuses are actually simple internet marketing basics. An example would be the PDF maker. Really? I can make a PDF for free with a simple Google search.

The list continues. A Facebook ‘like’ generator, a backlink ‘supercharger’ (this is dangerous for your site), and a ‘Spam Learner,’ among others. The point is, all of these can be done for free. Why would they be used as bonuses? Just more guru rubbish.

The Worst Part

Always read between the lines! Make sure a sketchy product has a refund available.

Now here’s what you absolutely need to watch for: There are no refunds. Yeah, no joke. After you spend your 37 greenbacks, that’s it. You’re forever parted with your cash. I shouldn’t need to say this, but never buy ANYTHING with out a return policy/money back guarantee.

The excuse used is that it’s a digital product, but that doesn’t stop other gurus from offering refunds, does it?

There’s just so much bad with the EWCF.

Then What’s Good About It?

You wasted a good title, headline. There is nothing I can find that’s truly positive about EWCF. Maybe the fact that you’re given the license to the book. I’m just reaching. If I mentioned anything else, I’d be lying just to pad out this section or promote it with a link.

Actually, I can tell you more bad things, if you want. But anything beyond what I wrote up there would just be nitpicking.

Hope Survives! A Better Choice!

Despite what the name implies, the Effortless Web Cash Formula will not lead to cash gained. Only cash lost.

Helen Keller was alive before the internet, and even she knows the truth! ‘Done for you’ are 3 words that mean wasted time and money.

The reason Lauryn Hebert can give away the rights for $37 is because she’s already made money when someone buys the eBook, because there are no refunds. It’s why she doesn’t care what you do with it.

Anytime you see a name with ‘effortless’ or ‘done for you’ in the title, walk away. You need training and support to be able to make money on the Internet. No product you buy online will ever make you instantly rich…but there is glimmer of hope in all this, a way to become eventually rich online.

If you wanna make it online, you’re gonna need a website, training, and quality support, and I’m happy to say there is a program like this available for FREE. It even gives you 2 full free websites! I highly recommend reading my review of Wealthy Affiliate, which tells you all you need to know. I hope you get started soon!

Do you have any experience with EWCF? You wanna tell me how bad you found it? Just leave a comment below!

You could also share the review, if you want to.

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20 thoughts on “Effortless Web Cash Formula Review!

  1. Hi there, I am glad I found your page. I don’t want to spend So much money just for an ebook that doesn’t even teach properly. The price is just to have the right to resell the product and nothing else. The website they provide will never work the way they tell us because you need traffic, and therefore, you need a great deal of content on it.
    This is definitely a bad product. I won’t waste my time and money in it. I will try Wealthy affiliate instead, I think its light years ahead.
    Thanks for your help

    1. Yes, the website is real, but with no traffic it’s useless to a rookie. I hope you enjoy Wealthy Affiliate!

      Thanks for commenting Stefan!

  2. Hey, Makki. Thanks for the review of EWCF. Very engaging, informative and entertaining review. I like your wringing style.

    While I agree the product is not worth paying for, the business model looks to be a good one. If the product were actually worth paying for this would be a good way for the owner of the product to go about promoting it. It’s not a “pyramid” scheme. No “down line.” Just pay for it once and use it. IF the information contained in the program is complete enough it would be worth buying. Of course EWCF isn’t worth it, but that doesn’t mean someone couldn’t produce a product that does have value.

    1. That’s an interesting point of view, Jeff. You’re right that the business model is totally legit. You get what is promised. But the thing is, if it were worth paying for, these gurus wouldn’t be selling the rights to it, would they?

      Thanks for the compliments! I do try to write engagingly!

  3. As you mentioned, I think one of the worst parts about Effortless Web Cash Formula is the fact that you don’t receive training on how to build a website, only a landing page – that will never get you rankings in the search engines, which can result in free traffic. So you’ll have to spend even more money on paid advertising, which may or may not work. What’s your #1 recommendation for a book, website, or service for quality online business training?

    1. That’s why it’s not really ‘done for you.’ You still have to go out there and market yourself.

      I recommend Wealthy Affiliate! I have review link in the post. Thanks for your thoughts Matthew!

  4. Hey Makki,

    Thanks for the heads up about these sub par products.
    There are so many gurus that claim they can fix your money problems overnight. I am glad there is someone out there that is sorting through the bad ones for us so we can find the products that really work. Cheers !

    1. Well, gee, thanks Tim! I’m not the only one, though I like to think I am. Those gurus are clever marketers. I fell for a lot of their tricks, and I wanna make sure no one else does.

  5. Hey Makki thank you for the great read. You sure hit all the key points about the eBook and thank you for the heads up. You sure helped a lot of people including myself by letting us know that you can’t promote something with no website. Thank you and I look forward to reading more of your articles.

    1. Thanks a lot Jaime! Glad you’ve benefited from the review! If everyone knew that you needed a website, these scams wouldn’t be so successful. Hope to see you again in the future!

  6. Wow seems like a total scam. Headlines really do get your attention though and usually you don’t know what you’ll get until you try it. But like you said, with a no-refund policy, once you’ve taken the bait it’s over. It’s sites like yours that take the hit for us by trying these out and letting us know how bad they are, saving all of us time and money.

    Really appreciate this and all your valuable tips!

    1. I appreciate the compliments! Yeah, the fact that there’s no returns on a product means it’s bogus through and through. It’s a lot worse when you find out you’re stuck with garbage. Thanks so much Andy!

  7. Nice post, very informative. Too bad all these “get rich fast” scams are so colourful and attention grabbing, makes a lot of people fall for it. It’s good that you have broken down many aspects of this ‘great’ offer, it will help people save there money and not fall for a scam.

    1. I have to agree that these scams are very appealing to the average user. It’s why I fell for a few myself. Thanks for sharing, Summerly!

  8. Makki,

    I get the impression that you don’t think this ebook. At least that’s what I thought!

    So I definitely loved the humor you used in this post.

    AND of course you really gave me a thorough education in what to AVOID in online offers.

    * No return policy / money back guarantee
    * Limited support
    * Wild claims with no substance
    * “Too good to be true” claims and promises
    * Promises of “Effortless” or “Done for you”

    All most instructive.

    AND, you then offer a tremendous alternative, in the form of Wealthy Affiliate. As a “WA” member, I can attest that WA is a terrific investment that offers plenty of advice, support, training, and success!

    Plus, it’s free for as long as you want it!

    Thanks for the laughs and the terrific warning!


    1. Sure thing Roger! Thanks for such a valuable comment! Yeah, I can tell you fully absorbed the information. Your list is spot on. Good to see a fellow happy WA member.

      Thanks a million for sharing Roger! Happy to have made you laugh. Keep clear of those scams, mate!

  9. Hmmm, opportunities with this kind of name always seem to rub me up the wrong way – it’s as if they are trying to tell you they are dodgy within their own product title! The image of the landing page you’ve provided above also looks a little tacky at best – who would want to invest money into something that looks so….teenage?

    1. Hi Chris! I think it’s to make it look “hip.” But like you said, it’s just tacky. Graphics like these are just dead giveaways that they’re scams. Thanks for reading!

  10. I like this review and I agree with most of the commenters here in that Effortless web cash is not really displaying any real updated methods nor are they focused on promoting building a quality product or blog for readers online in various niches

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