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Here’s something you probably didn’t know about me: I love music! I play it on my trumpet and listen to it wherever I go. I might even try to play professionally. But I never thought that my love of music could be used to make quick cash online. Don’t believe it? Well, let’s change that! Today I’ll show you music lovers how to make money with Slicethepie!

What the Fugue is Slicethepie?

Heh, heh. You know how a Fugue is a music term? I never cease to amaze myself.

*Ahem* Anyway, Slicethepie is, at it’s simplest, a platform where you listen to a piece of music, give your opinion on it in a short review, and get paid for said review. Slicethepie

What? Is that it? I get paid for that?

No you don’t. The readers do. You’re just a headline.

But yes, that’s what Slicethepie is. I kid you not, this is legit. It’s totally free to join, too.

We’ve looked at similar programs in the past, but unlike websites like SwagBucks, which are selective about who qualifies for a survey, Slicethepie pays you no matter what!

That’s too good to be true!

I know, right? Well guess what? It is!

I’ll explain what I mean by that down below. But first, you’re probably wondering, “why does this work?”

The best reason I can think of (I actually researched) is that lesser-known artists and musicians, ‘the little guys,’ get a chance to get some feedback on their work, leading to more opportunities for them.

It also helps them improve their work. You should keep this in mind before trying to rush through a review.

So the artists/musicians/bands/whatever pay Slicethepie, and Slicethepie pays you.

Let’s see how it works!

Slicethepie in Action!

Now I’ll show you how I make money quick in Slicethepie. It’s very easy and surprisingly enjoyable.

Obviously, you make your account first. You can do that here. Then, you’ll be taken to the Home screen!

Slicethepie Home Screen
I know I have a low rating. This was taken right after I signed up! 

You’ll notice that Fashion and Mobile are on there too. They don’t work yet. I suppose Slicethepie is branching out.

So when you click on the only category you can click on, you get to the review screen:

Slicethepie Review
Most songs are about 3 minutes long. I try to listen to all of it, to be fair to the artists.

So the first thing you’ll notice is, well… I don’t know what you’ll notice. It’s a pretty evenly distributed screen.

I’ll start with the “Play” section. This is where the song is played, and as long as I’m being overly obvious, that number is how long the song is.

Then we get to the review box. This where you write your review of the song. Slicethepie requires you to listen to at least 90 seconds of the song before submitting the review.

Don’t complain! It’s understandable to wait before forming an opinion. How can an opinion be formed in 10 seconds anyway?

I’ll tell you more about the reviews later. At the bottom right you’ll be able to rate the song out of 10. You have to. I know that whenever I read a review, I need a number to see. No one reads reviews without a number! It tells us all we need to know.

Slicethepie Earnings
That 6 cents could buy me a comic book and some gumballs… in 1941!

After the review, you’ll get paid! Oh yeah! Check out my haul!

Yeah, that’s the horrible truth. We’re literally paid in peanuts pennies. It’s not practical to get more than a few cents per review.

There are ways to get more than 6 cents out of a review, though!

The first is by increasing your rank. Rank is determined by how long you’ve been doing reviews, and how good they are.

Those stars represent your rank. As you can see, my rank sucks. I’ve only been on for a Capture

few days though. Eventually I’ll start to earn more. Up to 20 cents! I worked for an hour, and after about 10 review I was up to 3 stars.

That’s still not much, but “you get what you work for.” I know that’s not the saying. It works, OK?

The second way is to write better reviews. There are multiple ways to do this, since Slicethepie relies on an algorithm to rate the reviews. Otherwise it’d take quite a while to get paid!

Slicethepie Song Review
I’m telling you, this song was on a whole other level of suckish. I sure gave them what for!

This is the review that got me 6 cents. You can *probably* tell that I didn’t like the song. Hey, it’s just my 6 cents! Haha! A play on phrases. My wit scares me sometimes.

That orange bar has to be filled before you can submit the review. A little quality control, if you will.

Let’s continue. Reviews are based on several things you should mention. Here’s what I know of:

  • Lyrics
  • Rhythm
  • Bass line
  • Vocals
  • Beat
  • Instrumentation

I’m sure there are more. But I think those are good enough to start with.

So in my review, I went over those terrible lyrics, and I mentioned the guitar being played (I love guitars). The vocals were also touched upon as well.

In hindsight, I should have analyzed it more, instead of hating on it. But that’s another point: use descriptive language! I could have said ‘bad,’ but I used ‘atrocious’ instead. Have that synonym mindset.

Lastly, I’d say to take it seriously. You could use the same review over and over. You could play the song, do something else, and then submit generic, non-specific opinions. But don’t. There are musicians out there that really take this feedback to heart.

Incremental Interludes!! Is Slicethepie Worth It?

Look, I just wanted a musical headline. It doesn’t need to make sense.

Let me tell you, though: it’s worth it for the artists themselves!

But for us users, the answer is wholly dependent on how valuable your time is, and how interested you are.

By now you know the pay rate is really low. We’re talkin’ a few cents per hour here. Before writing this I spent an hour straight working on Slicethepie.  cash

As you can see, I reached 3 stars and reached the half dollar mark. I’m insanely distractible, so I guess you could increase that by like 15 cents for an average.

That’s still almost nothing. And unlike survey sites like Swagbucks, you actually work in Slicethepie. That means you expect more.

I’ll also add that you only actually get paid after you hit $10. That’s a lot of time.

Basically, if you’re walking in expecting to have a full time job, just walk away, friend. Slicethepie can barely pay for a candy bar an hour.

But if you love to listen to unknown music, and wouldn’t mind giving your opinion, then Slicethepie is a good time waster. A few cents is better than nothing, right? …Right?

Scrutiny of Songs!! Slicethepie’s Sonata of Slowness!!!

Major alliteration points there. Slicethepie has it’s ups and downs, no doubt about that.

Despite the abnormally small rate it pays, Slicethepie is still a nice way to listen and earn. Maybe the only way, actually. If you wanna earn a few cumulative dollars, it’s certainly worth a try.

If you’re interested in signing up, you can do so here. Hey, it’s free. Why not have a look?

Though it is worth checking out, the fact is that, even at maximum capacity, Slicethepie still won’t pay enough. With 20 cents being around the maximum, you’re going to be writing a lot for very little.

If you’re actually prepared to write a lot online, you should try freelancing on sites like Fiverr.

You could also check out my #1 program for making REAL money online. I’m talking actual income here, not pennies at a time. It works for me and it’ll work for you.

Have you used Slicethepie before? Did I persuade you to try it out? How did you like it? Better yet, how impressed were you with my musical terminology? Let me know in the comments!

-Your mentor in musicology,

















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20 thoughts on “Melodic Reviews? Make Money with Slicethepie!

  1. Interesting new review you have here my friend, I’ve never heard of slice the pie before but this is definitely a vey unique way to make money online.

    You like Fiverr better though, I take it? These are good programs but man they don’t really seem to give too much extra cash, unlike you’re number one way to make money.

    1. Well, Fiverr is a pretty good way to make money, if you spend a lot of time on it. That’s because you actually have to work on it. If by ‘good programs’ you mean SwagBucks and Slicethepie, they mostly just distractions. You’re never gonna make real money on them. Thanks for sharing Ryan!

  2. I think that’s a really novel idea for a review site. Honestly compared to most sites that do surveys that’s pretty generous how much they pay. Was that 50 cents a review you were up to? Whats the most you could make? Thanks for this honest review!

    1. Hey Sam! I wouldn’t say they’re generous, but payment is guaranteed, so that’s a plus. I only got up to 7 cents, but the maximum you can get is around the 20 cent range. It’s really not that much, but the fact you don’t need to qualify makes up for it.

  3. Makki, what an interesting article. Who would have thought that you could make money with this. You opened my eyes to the realm of the possible.

    I really love your writing style. Your personality really shines through your writing. Keep up the great work!

    All the best, Kevin

  4. Another one of those 50 cents an hour sites, I never heard of it but if I come across this site I will be sure to skip it, I really dislike those sites where you spend so much time and not even make a dollar…pointless.

    Thanks for the review.

    1. These sites definitely aren’t for everyone Sam. I agree with you, personally. The work I spent in one hour of Slicethepie could have been invested in my website for better long term results. But hey, I had to write the review!

      You’re welcome! Thanks for your feedback!

  5. Hey Makki, Thanks for the honest and refreshing humourous review. I must say that until now I’d never heard of slicethepie and am pleasantly surprised at the possibilities for making money (or cents) online.

    1. Hey Gunter. Happy to see you liked it! It is quite surprising that something like Slicethepie exists, but it’s there, and it pays. A minuscule amount, but it pays!

  6. Hey Makki, interesting and comprehensive review here on slicethepie. to be honest, i never thought someone could make money by listening to music. i love listening to music so i will definitely check this one out. regarding your top recommendation wealthy affiliate, i must also say that it is the best move for anyone starting out online these days. cheers

    1. Always nice to see another music lover! I hope you like Slicethepie, Antonis! And I agree, Wealthy Affiliate is by far the best choice to go with for an online business. Platforms like Slicethepie are just momentary distractions.

  7. Wow I have never heard about slicethepie, but it sounds like an interesting idea. I’ve done the swagbucks thing before, but I always seem to not qualify for a bunch of the good ones. I’ll have to look into this one now. Thanks for the info.

    1. The fact that you don’t need to qualify makes me prefer this to SwagBucks, where I never qualify for valuable surveys. Glad I could broaden your horizons Pete!

  8. Makki interesting review here. Never heard of slicepie before. It should be quite good to earn 6 cents per song review. I think there is a lot of program out there that can earn much more like getting 5 dollars per survey and it takes your time haha.

    1. There are surely survey sites that pay more, but remember you have to qualify for those surveys. And they can take a while to complete. Slicethepie guarantees a payment. Thanks for sharing Reyner!

  9. This is really cool. It’s so hard for new musicians to make a name for themselves. Everyone just wants to hear the same artist even if the music isn’t good. As long as it’s by Taylor Swift or Justin Bieber people will listen because they feel like they’re connected to that person. SliceThePie is a great idea for any aspiring artist.

    1. No doubt Slicethepie works great for the little guys, which is why it’s even a thing. I just think that it should pay a little more. Thanks for your feedback Matt!

  10. Wow, Slicethepie sounds very interesting. Looks like a good way to discover new bands, and make money for it. At the end (or beginning) of a song, do they tell you who’s performing?

    Thanks for the review!

    1. Good question Ian. For some songs, they do tell you the name of the band/artist. But most of the ones I reviewed didn’t tell me anything. I assume it’s up to the artists. Thanks for the comment!

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