What is ClickBank Pirate About? – It be a Scam, Mateys!

clickbank pirate sales page

ClickBank Pirate
Overall Score: 4/10
Founder: David Blaze
Price:  $67 + $37/month, many upsells (up to $297)
Website: cbpirate.com

Ahoy there buccaneers! It’s time for another review. This time it’s another ClickBank product that claims you can make $10,000 a month without doing any work! Is it a scam? Let’s find out!

Ahoy Thar! What is ClickBank Pirate About?

Ever notice how internet marketing programs always have exciting names? You got names like Google Sniper, Commission Machine, and now we have ClickBank Pirate.

pirates of the caribbean
Not those pirates!

ClickBank Pirate (CP) is a supposedly automated affiliate marketing program that will net you hundreds of doubloons- er, dollars, a day. All you have to do is spend some money!

Created by David Blaze (a known guru), CP basically gives you a ready-made website that you don’t need to work on. No writing, technical work, nothing. Just receive the site and cash in.

That sounds like a great deal to me! Spend a few bucks and make a fortune in return. Of course, you can probably guess what we’re really dealing with here.

You know what one of the biggest signs of a scam is? Anything being sold as “done for you,” or “turnkey,” or “ready-made.” And as we’ll see in the review, CP lives up to the alarm bells it rings.

Shiver Me Timbers! The CP Hype and Upsells!

When I review Clickbank products, I try to inspect their sales pages, since that’s the best way to know if something’s shady.

Lo and behold, CP is a treasure trove (relevant pun) of warning signs.

The first thing I have to mention is the theme. CP makes full use of pirate cliches. Check out the picture at the top of the page.

“Pillage and Plunder.” How fitting that they outright tell you what they wanna do to your wallet.

What makes them so “renegade,” really? Does ClickBank itself have a bounty on them? More importantly, why are they using the ClickBank name in the first place?

Know what really grinds my gears? The fact that David Blaze references other gurus and their deception while doing the same thing.

cp landing page

Arr, matey! This is of course very true. But it’s also exactly what CP does further down the page! Check it out down below.

This should scream scam to anyone with a discerning eye.

autopilot program

All over the extensive sales page is meaningless terminology like “plug and play.” I have a personal bias against that phrase. It sounds stupid. You don’t plug a website. It has no cord.

There’s also an unhealthy focus on not doing work. Once you move past scams like CP, you realize that it’s gonna take a lot of work before results happen. So ignore gems like these:

cp landing page
Too good to be true is just that.

That’s just insane. It’s all false. 100% bogus, me hearties!

You most certainly do have to write on your website. Saying you don’t need to write original content is like saying you don’t have to write your own exams in school. Just photocopy your friends’ paper!

And it’s funny they mention you don’t need a lot of cash, when they offer upsells.

Yes, despite being “the secret to success,” CP will flood you with upsells right after purchasing, the highest one being $297.

I hate upsells with a passion. I hate to recommend any program that has them.

It gets even more pathetic when you try to leave the sales page. That prompts CP to offer you a $5, month-long “trial.” Downsells are worse than upsells. It’s desperate and deceptive.

How Does ClickBank Pirate Work?

Let’s get one thing straight here: there is no training of note in CP. After all, it’s turnkey! You shouldn’t have to do anything to own a successful online business!

cb pirate treasure map
Where’s the X on this thing?!

Yeah, right.

Anyway, what CP does is it gives you a WordPress website. The site is ready to use, and is supposed to be your affiliate marketing HQ.

However, while affiliate marketing can involve anything, CP takes cues from literally every other get-rich-quick internet scheme and makes the website solely about promoting itself.

So basically the process is:

  1. Get your website after paying
  2. Wait
  3. ???
  4. Profit

See those question marks? That’s the “traffic” area. But CP doesn’t mention anything about that, ’cause apparently the website is all you need!

The Blog

CP also hosts the “turnkey” blog for free, which I guess is a good thing… but means absolutely nothing when you take a closer look.

Here’s the thing. It’s true that you don’t have to actually work on the blog CP gives you. They give you about 4 pre-written trash articles and posts. PLR articles and posts.

For those who don’t know, PLR (Private Label Rights) simply means you can use a product any way you’d like. It’s basically yours. That sounds good to a lazy beginner, but the truth is Google and other search engines despise duplicated content.

Well, not all duplicate content. But obviously entire sites make the cut! They’re fish in a barrel!

clickbank pirate bonus 2
These sites are all the SAME THING. You’ll never get any substantial profits with this.

Since many other people are buying CP, this means multiple people have the same content! Their sites are dead in the water. Stillborn. Dead on arrival. Google will make sure they don’t rank.

CP conveniently forgets to mention this, since it means all “done for you” programs are useless. So you can see how dishonest they look as they hype the hell out of their “autopilot” program.

Now, I do admit I haven’t read the articles. But I really don’t need to. It’s all duplicated content, and Google will kill it.

One more thing. Notice how it says the blog is worth $297 value? That is a blatant lie. WordPress blogs are often free, and even with hosting it rarely goes over $50 to start.

wordpress cost to start
At Wealthy Affiliate you can get two WordPress blogs fore free. This is not worth $297.

Wha…? This is just more evidence that this is a generic guru program. You don’t need to pay someone to make your site. At all. And no one would pay for pre-written posts either!

Original content is what you need, friend. Not duplicate rubbish.

That’s really all that CP does. You’re stuck with a website that you can’t do anything with. Let’s face it, if you buy CP, you’re a beginner. And beginners don’t know how to get traffic. Plus, Google will slam the site anyway.

The Training

Hold it! There’s still one more thing: the training. I know I already said it was useless, but I need a high word count.

pirate training

All I have to say about the training is that it’s outdated and not worth your time, for the simple reason that it pushes PLR, which as you know now is not a good thing.

Avast, Ye Swabs! It be My Final Thoughts on CP!

Generic. Outlandish. Dishonest. These are the words I would use to describe ClickBank Pirate. If you didn’t notice throughout the review, I also call it a scam.

At its core, CP runs on a legit business model. Promote the product, and get a commission when you make a sale.

Affiliate marketing is certainly a great strategy. But CP’s users can only promote CP itself. Any affiliate marketer knows that you can make money off of any interest you have.

To a beginner, CP is a dream. All that money, with no work involved! Sadly, this is just CP selling those dreams, since that beginner will be stuck with a lame duck that won’t rank in Google or have any traffic whatsoever.

Is it possible to make money with CP? Sure, through its affiliate program. Maybe you’ll get some traffic. But it won’t be $10,000 a month.

Still, if you wanna try it out, it costs $67 up front, and $37/month. It’s up to you.

Click Here to Buy ClickBank Pirate

The only thing I gained from CP was a better grasp of my pirate lingo. Don’t expect it to line your pockets!

If you wanna make money online, you need to work really, really hard. Savvy? And if you wanna get into affiliate marketing, then understand that you can do it without CP, and for a lot cheaper.

A Better Choice

Look, CP is the bottom of the barrel when it comes to affiliate marketing. Many programs like this are doomed by lack of training, which I think is the most important aspect of any online business.

I wasted a lot of money falling for scams like ClickBank Pirate. But after I came across Wealthy Affiliate, my #1 Super Program, I found out that it wasn’t about upsells, or PLR trash. It was about hard work and support.

In a business as complicated as affiliate marketing, you need all the help you can get. Programs like CB leave you confused and your wallet scuttled. Wealthy Affiliate is a community of landlubbers all willing to assist each other. You can ask for help on literally anything.

And guess what? They even teach you how to write on your website. Yes, you do need to do that. Don’t worry though. WA gives you two sites for free!

Check Out My #1 Super Program Here!

What do you think about ClickBank Pirate? Have any questions? Enjoyed the pirate lingo refresher? Leave a comment below!

Your partner in piracy,













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14 thoughts on “What is ClickBank Pirate About? – It be a Scam, Mateys!

  1. I never would have thought that someone would exploit someone’s trust like that!
    Thank you for the heads up!
    Also good advice about WA.

    1. It’s pretty shocking that people actually work on cheating others. At the end of the day, scammers are greedy and customers are desperate. Thanks for reading!

  2. Thank god for the Spongebob post at the end, I could use a smile after reading another below par program that’s trying to steal all of our money!

    Yet again you call it like you see it Makki, do people actually buy this? I love how he tried to piggy back off of Clickbank by using “Clickbank Pirate” which probably lends authority on some subconscious level.

    1. This reminds me of Google Sniper. Both programs try to pass themselves off as the real deal. CP is sadly a decently selling item on ClickBank, which goes to show the value of hype. Hopefully people start doing their homework before buying into junk like this. Thanks for sharing, Ryan!

  3. Nice Page. I love the font you use. I agree this program is basically like a bunch of pirates running around trying to steal everyone’s booty. I hate stuff like that. They can take their scams and shove it!

  4. Anything that states Pillage & plunder should ring alarm bells! The only thing that looks genuine is the fancy dress pirate gesturing it’s a stick up,meaning a robbery !
    People do get taken hook ,line & sinker because they are desperate for quick riches and now I’m convinced these programs prey on the inexperienced.

    I’m really glad I found the Super Program WA when I did and didn’t fall into this trap!

    Great article Matey 🙂

    1. Hi Dan! You got that right. They make it clear what they’re doing: see opportunities to feed off desperation and naivety and make the most of it. Glad to see you found WA. It’ll take you a lot farther than CP ever will.

  5. Another great post from you Makki. Never heard of this program before but like many internet programs out there, they often leave out the most important element. As you mentioned : traffic.

    Most people associate online business with “quick” or “instant” but the fact is that like any business, it needs to have the fundamentals. Promotions, unique contents etc. If your business is just another “me-too” business, the survival rate is pretty low. Same goes for online.

    Anyway, thanks for another great review.

    1. Couldn’t have said it better myself, Kenny. All these PLR programs willingly neglect to mention traffic because they know their products are trash because of it. I’m 100% sure that not one CP site has actually made good money. Only unique and valuable content will do the trick, not copies and affiliate link overuse.

  6. Send that program to Davey Jones’s locker matey! It is shame full how openly these guys are lying and thinking people actually fall for this nonsense!

    – Make money while doing nothing, really??
    – We do all the work for you?? Red light red light red light!

    I can’t believe this stuff is still being sold….and people actually buy it!!!
    Thank you for the advice, it seems many people need it as they seem to still fall for this here nonsense…

    1. Hey Dirk! I can understand your frustration. “Done for you” is blatant deception. The lies CP and other similar scams tell are nonsense, but if you really fast money, you convince yourself that it’s real. Once you accept that success online (and offline) comes from hard work and persistence, then it’s easy to see this junk for what it is.

  7. I’ve heard about ClickBank Pirate before and it’s very good that you write about the reality of this program so other people don’t get scammed by it. Thanks for the review!!

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