What is Traffic Authority? Is It Another MLM Scam?


Traffic Authority
Overall Score: 2/10
Founder: Greg Chambers, Doug Wellens, Chad Stalvey
Price: $47/month + upsells (up to $8000), $20/month (Affiliates)
Website: www.trafficauthority.net

Another day, another review. This time, Traffic Authority is in the spotlight. Can it actually make you a millionaire, as it claims? Or is it just your average, everyday scam?

What is Traffic Authority?

After you get started with a website, you’ll quickly find that the hardest thing isn’t actually creating content, it’s getting traffic. Even if it wasn’t, that’s what the review is about. So yeah.

Anyway, Traffic Authority (TA) is all about, well, traffic. At least, that’s what it looks like on the surface. It’s supposed to teach you how to get boatloads of traffic to your site, with special techniques.

If you’re familiar with any internet marketing product, you’ll know that the special techniques are really just throwing money at products in hopes of promoting them.

TA was created by a trio of marketers: Greg Chambers, Doug Wellens, and Chad Stalvey. I’m not too familiar with these guys, but after a bit of looking around it looks like they’re just your average gurus, skilled enough in the business to be able to make millions with these programs.

To be honest, TA is different from other MLMs, in that it doesn’t sell training, but rather traffic packages.

Well, the ‘training’ it does offer is really just tutorials for the tools it sells at ridiculous prices.

Now, I admit, traffic is really hard to get, which is why I suppose TA is a thing, but mark my words: TA will not help you out with that. Wanna know why?

Read the review to find out why!

The Traffic Authority Memberships

Traffic Authority has a variety of products available, but all have to do with traffic generation.

Keep in mind TA costs $47/month no matter what you buy with it. You can join for free, but buying anything means you have to pay the $47.

At first glance, TA has 3 categories on their main site. Check ’em out:

traffic authority memberships

As you can see, there’s the Traffic Store, the Traffic Optimizer, and the Traffic Academy. I’ll go over each one.

Traffic Store

The Traffic Store is the heart of TA. It’s where you buy the traffic (duh). These are the packages you can purchase:

traffic authority packages
Don’t be fooled! There many other places where you can get traffic for much cheaper.

Jiminy Crickets! That’s a lot of dough. Even the lowest level sets you back 200 bucks.

The sad thing is I’ve been so desensitized by other MLMs that $8000 seems little to me. But it’s still an outrageous amount for traffic!

It’s also worth noting that there’s no mention of where the traffic comes from. I wouldn’t say that’s as bad as the prices, but it’s still noteworthy.

Like many scams, TA takes advantage of newbies’ naivety and acts like these are deals. It’s easy to see why it’s an MLM.

This is what TA is all about. Overpriced traffic. This is simply a huge ripoff. I can’t see any reason to pay $8000 for traffic. It’s downright foolish to buy into this.

Traffic Optimizer

Optimizer is the ‘tools’ section. It costs $27/month and gives you access to tools that are supposed to grow your business.

The features include click tracking, capture pages, popups, timers, and other gadgets.

traffic optimizer tools

That’s a shot of all the features. You can see the site runs down the tools as if they were the greatest thing since sliced bread.

I chose that frame because it’s especially puzzling. They’re trying to sell landing pages for $27 a month (plus the original $47). So you’d end up paying 70 smackers a month just for something you can do for free with WordPress.com, or my preferred method, Siterubix.

Click tracking is pretty useful, but there are lots of free plugins that do the same. And there’s this cool free service, called “Google Analytics,” that tells you all you need to know about your traffic.

The bottom line is, it’s not really worth it to brag about common features. But it’s an MLM mainstay, so it’s included here.

You probably guessed it already, but Optimizer is a waste of time. The tools aren’t worth $27 a month, considering you can find them for free elsewhere.

Traffic Academy

traffic academy
Secret #1: Spend $20,000 on our packages. Secret #2: It was his sled.

This is supposed to be the training aspect. If you have any experience with MLM ‘training,’ you’ll know it’s mostly useless. And by useless, I mean it’s only geared toward promoting itself. At $97/month, is it worth it? I think not.

Whatever you learn from Traffic Academy stays in Traffic Academy. I know that doesn’t make sense, but it was fun to say. It’s kind of true, though.

The Academy teaches you how to promote your affiliate link (more on that later) on social media, or email, or even local businesses. It even offers a top secret method of getting more traffic to the link. Wanna guess what it is?

Buy more traffic!

From them, of course. For hundreds to thousands of dollars.

You ever had a friend who joined one of those essential oil schemes, and tried to get you into it? That’s what TA teaches you to do, only through social media. If you end up spending thousands, though, you’ll probably end up like your friend anyway.

So those are the memberships and products. I would dig even deeper, but there’s no more depth. And quite frankly, I don’t care.

You know who else doesn’t care? TA, because their main concern is their affiliate program…

The Compensation Plan

For those who don’t know, ‘compensation plan’ is a fancy term for affiliate program. And now you know.

Being an MLM, TA naturally cares more about its affiliate program than the quality of its products. But TA takes it to a new level. They do everything possible to make it clear that you’re gonna have to be an affiliate if you wanna make money. Just look!

traffic affiliate program
This most certainly is not the only product people will buy over and over. It’s just hype!

Like some most all MLMs, TA’s affiliate program isn’t free. You have to pay $20 a month to promote TA’s products.

This is by far the dumbest thing about these programs. Why should you have to pay to promote? I personally know people who make thousands a month promoting Amazon products, and Amazon charges them nothing. Why can’t TA do the same?

Oh yeah, it’s a scam.

Anyway, let’s shine some light on the plan.

traffic packages commissions

In addition to these, you make $20 for every Optimizer sale, and $50 for every Academy sale.

Those are some high commissions, if I do say so myself. Those rates are the only objectively good thing about TA. They’re the reason you’ll see so many glowing reviews online.

But they’re also the reason people buy them. It’s an open secret that the packages aren’t bought for their content. They’re bought for the resale rights. Yes, you have to buy a package to be able to earn a commission on it. Yet another sign that TA is an MLM.

So what if you’ve bought up to Silver, but a poor sap you referred buys Gold? Well, too bad, that $500 commission goes to your sponsor (the guy who referred you). You effectively have to buy everything to be able to get the most out of it. The evidence keeps building…

Let’s talk about the sponsor for a moment. Unlike most MLMs, TA splits the commission between you and your sponsor, claiming this will make the sponsor work harder to get you commissions.

Basically, for the first 6 sales you make of a particular product, the commission is split 50/50 between you and your sponsor. So if my referral buys Silver, I get $150, as does my sponsor. After those 6 sales, the split becomes 80/20, meaning I get 80% forever. The remaining 20% goes to my sponsor.

This is just a horrible idea no matter how you slice it. There is zero incentive for your sponsor to help you. He/she has already referred you, so they’ll get a share of your commissions anyway! They can do nothing at all and still get a guaranteed income. Well, not exactly, since most people don’t make any money with TA.

You’re probably wondering how I know that. Well, I’ll prove it, with the kicker!

The Kicker

traffic authority income disclosure
They don’t even wanna report the complete numbers.

“Kicker” is really just a word I use for income disclosures. And there’s a lot of disclosing here!

Check out that average income. Just look at it. This is a company that advertises $10,000 per month. How much is the real amount?

Between $500 and $2000 a year. That works out to between $42 and $167 per month. Not so grand, is it?

And look at that underlined portion. “Recently launched.” TA has been alive for 2 years. There’s no excuse not to have a full disclosure. Then at the bottom, you’re told point-blank that the hype is not a guarantee! Why are they doing it then?

traffic referral
You can put in anyone’s name here. You’ll end up with a random sponsor.

TA is just really shady. This isn’t the only dishonesty they’re guilty of. If you try to sign up for TA without an affiliate link, you’ll still get a popup asking you who your sponsor is. You can literally put in any first name and you’ll get in. I tried it with “Mark,” “Samuel,” and “Rick,” and in each case I was assigned a different sponsor.

If I actually got in deep, those guys would profit without even having their links clicked! One of the downsides (upsides?) to a split commission.

I don’t know where else to put this, but TA offers a 30-day refund on “initial fees.” In true MLM fashion, they never say what those fees are. But it’s there.

Perilous Packages! The Traffic Authority Verdict

If it sounds like a duck, and looks like a duck, it’s an MLM. Er, that can’t be right…

paid traffic
You could spend $100 on literally any of these services and come out better than if you spent $8000 on TA.

I hate that saying, but it works well for TA. It’s an MLM scheme through and through, what with its paid affiliate program, along with the fact the only value of the products is that they can be resold. The prices are extravagant to boot!

You may have noticed I didn’t touch on the traffic aspect very much. There’s a reason for that. You’d have to be very gullible to buy into TA for traffic if you’re new to affiliate marketing/MLM.

I suspect no one does that anyway. They pay those huge sums to be able to earn huge commissions. And hey, experienced marketers are more than capable of doing that. TA would be a good idea in their case.

But TA doesn’t target those veterans, do they?

They target newbies, who unfortunately will think TA is a godsend while Google Adwords or Bing Ads do the same thing at a much lower cost. If TA is so good, why does everyone use Adwords?

As a matter of fact, newbies often don’t even have a website to begin with! That makes TA meaningless!

Don’t listen to the affiliates. TA is not worth your time. The money you would lose/waste/burn can be invested in regular traffic for the same results, or on a quality training program, preferably in affiliate marketing.

A Better Alternative

You probably came here because you’re new to online business and were interested in Traffic Authority. But despite what TA (and other expensive scams) want you to believe, MLMs are not the only way to start an online business.

Affiliate marketing is the honest alternative to MLM. Unlike programs like TA, where you have to buy things to promote them, affiliate marketing is free. You can also promote whatever you want, and your income isn’t dependent on the actions of your referrals!

Best of all, if you have the right training, you can secure a full-time income, while paying less than $50 a month (compared to the thousands that MLMs cost).

Wanna give it a try? I have a Super Program that will get you on the right track. You can join for free, and you get two websites right off the bat. You can see for yourself if online business is for you! Take a look at what it gives next to TA.

The bare minimum at TA is equal to the maximum you’ll pay at WA, yet WA provides more than TA does even with upsells!

Face it, working online isn’t easy. But it can be very rewarding. With the right training and support, you can be on your way to success.

Check Out My Super Program Here!

What do you think of Traffic Authority? Is it something you would use for traffic? Got any questions? Leave a comment below!

Your trainee in traffic,










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18 thoughts on “What is Traffic Authority? Is It Another MLM Scam?

  1. Thanks for the write-up, great advice by the way! I looked into this myself and to be honest none of these programs seem to work. Best that I found on the market is mass planner. It’s pretty cheap at $9.95 per month but the training that comes with with it is not very good and I found it all rather confusing. Mind you I’m not very technically minded.
    There is a planner on WA under their plug-ins list, which seems pretty good but it only allows you to mass plan or one site unless you pay a one-off charge of $49 to get the full package. Still seems better than what you’ve described above. Thanks for the advice, I certainly won’t be buying this.

    1. I can forgive programs like Mass Planner only because they’re very cheap. You don’t lose much. However TA forces you to spend thousands just to promote their stuff. It’s a ripoff, especially when you can get much more for a lower price at WA. And the planner at WA is pretty good! Thanks for reading Trevor!

  2. Hi Makki, thank you for sharing your in-depth review on this program. I’ve come across it before and wondered what it was like.

    After reading your review I’ll definitely be staying away from it. As soon as I saw “compensation plan” i wanted to run a mile. I’ve seen this on other MLM programs I don’t like the idea behind it at all. I also think it’s outrageous that MLM programs like this make you pay to be an affiliate for them too.

    The cost of traffic is way too much and I’m sure it’s going to be useless traffic that won’t benefit you at all. A total waste of time by the looks of things. It’s such a shame that programs like this exist.

    1. Hi Stephanie! That’s what grinds my gears the most! Paying to promote! The #1 sign of an MLM. It’s actually a sign of a pyramid scheme too. Sadly many people buy into the hype and find that they can’t return the stuff they bought, so they’re forced to try and sell their stuff.

      I can assure you that no one buys TA for the traffic. It’s kinda obvious what the real reason is.

  3. Wow, that is expensive! The price alone turns me away. I’m glad I read your review. I think that I could find a lot better use for the money, and a much better way of getting traffic! When you compare it against Wealthy Affiliate, there really is no comparison. I, myself, belong to Wealthy Affiliate and they are great. The training is great, I get WP websites, I get hosting, I can go in the community and ask and receive answers. Great review and right on the money!

    1. Yeah, just forget about getting worthwhile training at TA. You’d be buying resale rights and nothing more. WA is quite frankly worth a lot more yet costs a lot less. You can’t ask for a better deal. Thanks for reading!

  4. Currently I am in the predicament that is generating traffic. I have content, I have an email list slowly being generated, I have a well designed web site, etc. However it seems that I can’t for the life of me score in the traffic realm. Almost all my content is based around the “Low Hanging Fruit” of the keyword realm as well.

    Just this morning my wife talked me out of joining up with someone like this in fact. Granted they were NO WHERE near the cost that TA is proposing. But they did “promise” to earn me traffic, not just little bits and pieces but boat loads! Thank God for my wife…because I guarantee it was going to turn out to be like this.

    Thank you for the great read on TA! I will make sure to keep them out of my sites in the future!

    1. There’s certainly a great appeal to the traffic that TA promises, but the truth is that paid traffic can be done at very affordable prices. TA is an MLM first. I’d stick to something like Adwords or Facebook ads. They won’t break the bank. Thanks for reading Justin!

  5. Hello there,
    I think it’s great that there are people that expose this kind of services for what they really are. I’m glad I read your review. And those prices are absolutely ridiculous! Who the hell would pay such amounts of money… Stick to your keyword research and organic traffic will eventually come to you. Just be patient. Thanks for the review!


    1. Hi Dejan! Thanks for reading. You’re right, programs like these push paid traffic so much that they forget that content and keywords guarantee traffic eventually. Of course, paid traffic is a great thing to have, provided it’s a proven service, like Facebook Ads, for instance.

  6. Hi, Makki

    Thanks for providing me with this valuable information about TA. There are a lot of MLM programs out there. I think I read about them every week. It’s so easy to get lured into something that you can’t get out of. But thanks to you I will not sign up for this program.
    I want to be in a program where the affiliate links are free.


  7. This is great info, and well worth the read.

    Getting traffic is hard, and for newbies, TA looks like a bad thing. Exactly why you should spend the time to research it before jumping in. I’ll stay away from TA.

    Look forward to the next post.

    1. Thanks for reading Gordon! I’m pretty certain traffic isn’t the main objective of TA, regardless of whether or not it works. It’s an MLM first and foremost.

  8. Hi, excellent detailed review. I’ve come across TA before, and thanks to your review I know I should stay far from it. I’m glad you’re educating us on these MLM companies that take people’s money for nothing.

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