Coffee Shop Millionaire Review!! A Weak Cup of Marketing Joe

Coffee Shop Millionaire
Overall Score: 4/10

Founder: Anthony Trister
Price: $37/month + upsells

Hey there readers! It’s time for yet another review. Will Coffee Shop Millionaire live up to expectations? Spoiler alert: of course not. But let’s see why!

What is Coffee Shop Millionaire?

Don’t be fooled! This has nothing to do with your favorite morning drink. Coffee Shop Millionaire (CSM from here on out) is just another ‘get rich quick’ scheme designed to drain your pockets.

CSM was created by Anthony Trister, an internet marketing veteran. Sadly, he’s also a guru, promising instant riches but failing to deliver.

CSM is a course in internet marketing that’s supposed to make you money online. It costs $37/month, and that is cheap, until you remember the one constant in ‘get rich quick schemes:’ upsells!

The premise is that you’ll be able to sit in a coffee shop and earn money passively. Trister promises you’ll make $21K in 21 days using his method!

Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? It’s too bad there’s a lot more work involved than CSM cares to advertise. As we’ll see below, using CSM wo’t make it any easier to make money online. In fact, compared to other, cheaper programs, it’s a lot harder.

Let’s dive-ahem, stir into Coffee Shop Millionaire!

What’s the Good News, Bub?

It’s actually not all doom and gloom for CSM. As bad as it is, it’s nothing compared to other scams.

Coffee Shop Millionaire Review
The training certainly has some value, but the age makes it hard to recommend.

For $37/month, CSM offers some value in its training. There are 12 modules, and videos are included too. The content focuses on internet marketing, and covers email and video marketing as well.

You also get access to a forum and a community of other users. This is a positive in theory, but reality disagrees. I’ll explain in the next section.

Despite having the audacity to say ‘$21K in 21 days,’ CSM acknowledges the work needed to start and profit from an online business in its training. However, you can probably guess that any mention of this is absent until after you spend your money.

Now it’s time for the bad news!

The Bad News

Luckily for my word count, there’s quite a bit of bad news worth mentioning about CSM.

Hmm…the training is good place to start. Here’s the thing: CSM is pretty old. That’s not inherently a bad thing, but the program isn’t updated. So it’s not changing with the times.

Coffee Shop Millionaire
This is the site. All the info is taken from the video, which only goes one way and autoplays when you visit the site. Did I mention this is the site?

The internet demands updates, though. A year in real life might as well be 10 online. A video game review is still useful years later, but a product like CSM, which deals with marketing, websites, SEO, and all that cyber jazz, is kinda useless.

Let me give you a for instance. 8 years ago, having duplicated content on your site didn’t affect your Google ranking. But recent Google Panda and Penguin updates have killed any chance of dupe content ranking highly.

And the parts that aren’t outdated don’t go that deep into the subject. A lot of stuff is left out, is what I’m getting at.

Coffee Shop Millionaire Review
These testimonials are often bogus. Don’t let them influence your judgement!

Now, as I mentioned before, CSM is only honest about the effort you’ll need to put in after you enter. Trister assures you that technical experience, email lists, and even websites are not needed.

But a few moments later in the video (the CSM website is just a video with a buy button), he says you do, in fact, need one, and that he’ll give you one when you sign up.

Predictably, that website you get is not free. Neither are the costs of running it. They’re not even included in the $37 fee.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention the upsells!

Upsells. That word just makes me wanna step on a kitten. And CSM has a sickening one right after you buy a membership for $37.

It’s not the only one either.

I’ll tell you more about it and other costs in the next section.

 The Cloaked Costs of Coffee Shop Millionaire

OK, we all know that CSM’s (so far subpar) standard membership costs $37/month. It’s not the best deal, but it’s not gonna break the bank.

So you’re interested in CSM somehow, and you plunk down $37. Time to make $21K in 21 days! Wait, what’s this?

Coffee Shop Millionaire Review
This upsell costs 297 greenbacks. At this point you should forget about CSM being useful. Upsells are the plague.

In a classic guru trope, you’re dealt a solid left hook right after buying the cheap main product. This $297 blow, for ‘The Six Figure Success Club,’ is in no way alluded to before you pay the $37.


So after you spend more than $300 in total, you’re ready to at least have a website of your own. Unfortunately, you have to buy hosting right off the bat, along with a domain name and site creation fees.

All together, you’re looking at over $400 in fees, and not a cent made. Honestly, the presence of upsells like these should put you off CSM. I wouldn’t recommend $434 for good training, let alone the outdated, mediocre offering Coffee Shop Millionaire has.

How Is the Support?

If you’re paying $37/month to access a community and a forum, you would expect some support. But as you’d also expect from CSM, the support is weak and sporadic.

Despite promising an active community, CSM is anything but. Questions will go unanswered, and even email inquiries are heavily ignored.

And you can forget about personal support from Anthony Trister. In a vacuum this wouldn’t be a problem, but when rival programs offer direct and personal support from their founders, who look at you as people rather than income, this is a huge disadvantage.

Outdated and Overpriced!!! The CSM Verdict

Let’s get one thing straight: you’re likely to find far more positive reviews of Coffee Shop Millionaire than negative ones. And hey, feel free to trust them. But the truth is, the CSM affiliate program pays well, and those bogus reviewers often don’t even know what they’re promoting.

The signs are all there. The ‘done for you’ aspect Trister preaches, the Clickbank video site, ‘$21,000 is 21 days.’

The video site is particularly annoying. You can only pause and play the video, which is the only source of info about the product on the site.

Just ignore the tempting claims Trister makes in the video. He knows there are people ready to trust him with their money and still lets them down.

Whatever value CSM had was stripped away by the passage of time and the availability of better alternatives.

If you wanna make money online, there are way, way better ways, like my ultimate, #1 program. It offers a free membership and a free trial for the paid one, and gives you 2 websites for free! Take a look:

As you can see, there is no comparison. Check out my review of Wealthy Affiliate here, and try it out for free!

What do you think of Coffee Shop Millionaire? Does it deserve my ire? Have you tried it out before? Share your thoughts in the comments below!






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14 thoughts on “Coffee Shop Millionaire Review!! A Weak Cup of Marketing Joe

  1. How do you find these things Makki? Everytime I come to this site you have a brand new review of some crazy scheme out there! Good review man thanks for the info, I’ll remember to stay away from Coffee Shop Millionaire.

    1. Don’t mention it Ryan! It was nothin’. There’s a boatload of such crazy schemes out in the wild. Only takes a bit of searching, since these scams throw themselves at you. Thanks again Ryan!

  2. I hadn’t heard of Coffee Shop Millionaire, so I’m glad to see you post something on it. I’ve been through way too many of these scams, and the minute one shows up in my email inbox or through the snail mail, I roll my eyes and trash it. Another one to avoid. Thanks.

    1. No problem. Mail scams are usually easy to identify, but schemes like CSM can be hard to decipher. The internet marketers know what they’re doing. Just keep an eye out for the warning signs, and you’ll be safe! Thanks for the feedback Kelli!

  3. Hi Mohammed

    I am always so grateful when I come across websites like yours warning people about these get rich quick scams.

    I have been scammed so many times before and I would really hate for anyone else to have this happen to them. It’s clear that coffee shop millionaire is just a scam from your great review.

    Keep up the good work

    1. I’ve also been scammed multiple times. It’s mostly why I set up this site. CSM isn’t a blatant scam, but it’s deceitful enough to be called one anyway. Thanks for commenting Helen!

  4. Wow, you’ve really got a really great and in depth review here of coffee shop millionaire. That’s another program I’ve never heard of, although I have to say the title is catchy, but that seems to be the only good thing about the program. I think your point for point checklist comparison off coffee shop millionaire and wealthy affiliate is a great visual breakdown of the pluses and minuses between the two, and course wealthy affiliate looks way more worth it. Great review!

    1. I have to admit, it is a pretty good name. But like you said, there’s not much else ‘good’ in there. Glad you like the checklist! It really shows how much value WA has in comparison. Thanks for your insight Pete!

  5. Absolutely gold review!

    These scams need calling out, but can I ask, when doing these reviews do you fork out for them yourself? If you do, then you’re taking one for the team! Cheers dude.

    In today’s market, a play/pause video is completely unacceptable… and asking for an extra 400 straight off the bat? Big brass balls.

    Cheers for the heads up. WA all the way 🙂

    1. That’s a good question Fray. I don’t always buy the stuff I review, since there’s just so many scams out there. Things like CSM’s $37 are affordable (but still wastes of money), but that $297 upsell is something I won’t even bother with. The video is done that way intentionally, so you watch it all. It’s a dirty trick, but I gotta admit, it works.

  6. This is really interesting. I am thinking that eventually, you may post one that I have fallen into. This is excellent information to share for others out there. Good looking website too!

  7. Another great review once again. And an exceptionally honest one, as well. Kudos to you. And when compared to Wealthy Affiliate in your comparison table, well – there really is no comparison.

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