Is Turnkey Profit Machines a Scam? – Just Another Get Rich Quick Scheme

is turnkey profit machines a scam

Turnkey Profit Machines
Overall Score: 3/10
Founder: Stefan Ciancio, Simple Spencer, Greg Kononenko
Price: $27 + upsells ($27 and $47)

What’s up, fellow internet denizens? Today we’re gonna be looking at a new product that came to my attention on Twitter. Is Turnkey Profit Machines a scam? If you’ve read some of my other reviews, you probably know the answer. Still, let’s dive in!

What is Turnkey Profit Machines?

Right off the bat, Turnkey Profit Machines (or TPM) lets you know how generic it is. The sales page has all the tropes:

  • “Autopilot” earnings
  • No Experience Needed
  • Quick results
  • Cheap (to start)
  • And my favorite, “no list required”

I don’t have to get into the details at this point. We all know what these kinds of programs are by now. They promise the secret to thousands of dollars for what seems to be pocket change, or in this case, $27.

Why anyone would believe that getting rich is as simple as paying 27 bucks is beyond me.

TPM was created by Stefan Ciancio, Simple Spencer, and Greg Kononenko. I’m not very familiar with Ciancio and Kononenko, but Simple Simon- er, Spencer, is a notable guru. He’s made products like these before.

Like similar products, TPM is a course on how to make big bucks online. But what makes TPM special (if you can call it that) is that it includes a case study showing how some guy made $33,000 in two months, working 5 hours a week.

Another thing that I was a little surprised with was that unlike many other programs I’ve reviewed, this focuses on eCommerce (dropshipping through Shopify/Woocommerce) rather than affiliate marketing. I’m easily intrigued.

Anyway, what’s the deal with TPM? Well, that’s what the review is for, so let’s press on.

There’s Nothing ‘Turnkey’ About TPM

TPM makes online business seem like a snap.

Here’s something you absolutely need to understand if you wanna make money online: it’s gonna take time and effort.

You’re gonna have to put in hundreds of hours. It’s basically a part-time job where you don’t get paid. Of course, it pays off eventually, but you just can’t expect to make anything right away.

turnkey profit machines review
There’s plenty of work involved in setting up an online store. Don’t buy into the hype.

TPM disagrees. It says that you can just set it and forget it. That’s just laughable. You’re not gonna earn money just for spending $27 on some JVZoo product.

It’s almost frustrating how easy they try to make it look. Apparently you turn the key and money flows into your PayPal account.

This is especially stupid when you take into account the fact that TPM is centered around eCommerce, which takes a lot of work, even if you’re dropshipping.

Programs like TPM only make money because they tempt people with promises of fast success.

The Training

Believe it or not, TPM includes training. As I said before, it centers around building an online store and selling things on it.

There are 4 modules and 16 videos all together. I’ll go over them real quick.

Module 1:

  1. Introduction
  2. Niche selection
  3. Product research
  4. Choosing Products to Sell

This is the introductory module, covering the very basics… emphasis on “basics.”

The videos, which are narrated by Simple Spencer, cover a lot of ground, but never go in detail.

For instance, take the niche selection video. Spencer just talks a bit about researching Amazon for hot items. That’s pretty much it. Niche selection is a big part of any online business. There’s even a niche for choosing niches, for Pete’s sake!

The last videos are a bit better, but nowhere near enough. Nothing inside them can’t be found anywhere else.

Module 2:

  1. Shopify or WooCommerce – (Choosing One of Them)
  2. Store Setup
  3. Store Optimization
  4. Autoresponder Setup

Now we get to the actual store setup. TPM suggests either Shopify or Woocommerce to power your store.

Shopify is the mainstream choice. It’s extremely popular, mainly because of its ease of use. But it isn’t free, which contradicts the overhyped sales page.

Woocommerce is a plugin for WordPress. It’s free, but you do need a WordPress site to actually use it… which again goes against the “do nothing and get paid” promotional material.

I bet my hat that the people buying this don’t have a website, and thus have no idea how to even use WP. If they knew how easy starting a site was, I’m sure they’d stay away from programs like TPM.

There’s also a video on autoresponders. You know, the platforms that capture emails so you can build a list… the same thing the sales page blatantly said you didn’t need.

In any case, autoresponders are complicated. But Spencer doesn’t that into account and goes into things that are way out of reach for beginners, like the concept of an autoresponder in the first place.

Module 3:

  1. Facebook Setup
  2. Facebook Page Setup
  3. Ad Setup
  4. Ad Strategies

This is TPM’s secret strategy for traffic. Facebook Ads. So cool! I never imagined you could advertise with FACEBOOK!

I hope my sarcasm was thick (thin?) enough.

Strangely, I admire TPM for changing it up. Other “get rich quick” products only use Facebook itself as a free traffic tool. They tell you that FB is a godsend, but since you’re a beginner, the only thing you can really do is post on your timeline and spam your friends.

At least Facebook ads work… in theory.facebook ads targeting

The truth is, paid advertising is hard. Sure, you see likes and all that, but to truly score leads, you have to know what you’re doing.

TPM basically says to try some campaigns, and throw money at the ones that work. This is irresponsible and will cost you a lot of money. Definitely not for beginners.

Don’t let that make you think Facebook Ads aren’t worth it. Believe me, they are killer if you know how to use them, but it takes a lot of trial and error.

The training overall isn’t special. Most of the info can be found anywhere else. Even on Facebook.

Module 4:

  • Scaling Your Business
  • Retargeting Strategies
  • Additional Traffic Sources
  • Conclusion

Finally, Spencer talks about growing your business by investing more money into Facebook Ads. He also mentions retargeting, which is an advanced advertising technique where Facebook (or any ad company) collects info on your customers, so you can better plan campaigns.

Retargeting is not for beginners. I know it took me quite a while to understand it. Spencer’s video isn’t enough.

Those additional traffic sources are just padding. You know, like social media and blogging. They work… but everyone’s gonna use them anyway, right?

That wasn’t as quick as I wanted it to be. On to the groundbreaking case study!

Something Smells: The Suspicious Case Study

It seems that the case study is TPM’s piece de resistance, if you will. So is it useful?

In short, the case study follows a guy named Phil Schaefer as he goes from $0 to $33K/month in 2 months, working 5 hours a week. He accomplishes the task, but I could see some asterisks.

First, why did Phil do it? Spencer made the whole thing. I mean, this whole thing is supposed to be effortless and automatic. So everyone would have to have the same results.

Some parts of the case study are blurred for some reason, too. This is just shady. Maybe it’s for a good reason, but it’s probably because they have somethin’ to hide.

Time to wrap up this revie- hey, what’s goin’ on?

The TPM Upsells

See this? You can’t escape upsells. As soon as I saw the mild $27 price, I knew TPM would throw some upsells at me.

I will admit that TPM’s upsells aren’t as numerous or expensive as others I’ve seen. There’s only two in all.

Turnkey Case Studies – $27


These are just more case studies. I really don’t see any point to seeing more. They could be just as suspicious as the default one.

“Done For You” Machines – $47

what is turnkey profit machines
“Done for you” is a waste of time, no matter what.

The original product was “effortless,” but not hands-off enough. These done for you systems are very unreliable. You’re basically copy and pasting.

Plus, the fact that they’re even selling their content like this means it can’t be very good. I’ve been stiffed by done for you machines in the past. They’re like genie wishes. You get what you asked for, but it hurts you in the end.

So, Is Turnkey Profit Machines a Scam? The Verdict!

I’m really tempted to call Turnkey Profit Machines a scam… but I can’t.

autopilot meme
The kind of results you can expect if you believe any of this is truly “autopilot.”

For all it’s trashiness, it’s only $27. I can’t be that hard on it. And even though the training is subpar, it’s still somewhat lengthy. Plus, there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Don’t think this means TPM is anything close to recommendable. If you go in because expecting what the sales page promised, you’ll be shocked. Starting an eCommerce store and growing it to thousands of dollars a month takes a lot of time and effort. Nowhere near “autopilot.” The upsells are annoying as well.

The training is basically “start a Shopify store, make a Facebook page, and throw money at ads.” Totally unrealistic.

Oh yeah, and the Facebook ads strategy is completely irresponsible for beginners, who’re the target audience of TPM.

So, even though TPM isn’t a scam, it still isn’t worth your time and money. You could try it out if you want to. There is a refund available, after all. But it won’t get you anywhere, especially if you’re new.

In reality, the business that TPM is teaching you requires a lot of work. Just like any other business.

What Do I Do Now?

That depends. You can keep looking for get-rich-quick schemes like TPM, only to find that they never work.

Or you can start building an online business. It’s actually pretty easy to do these days. I got my start after finding my #1 Super Program, which is free to join.

Right at the start, it gave me two free websites (like the one you’re reading right now), and incredibly diverse training on everything in the world of internet marketing.

My only regret was not finding it sooner. Don’t make the same mistake!

Check Out My #1 Super Program!

What are your thoughts on TPM? Do you agree with my conclusion? Let me know what you think in the comments below!

Your mentor in profit machines,







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8 thoughts on “Is Turnkey Profit Machines a Scam? – Just Another Get Rich Quick Scheme

  1. Hi Makki,
    Seems like you got all hot and bothered writing this review. Awesome as usual and thanks for pointing this scammy product to us. I’m just wondering how many percentage of internet products out there are actually legit.


    1. Hey Kenny! Interesting observation. I was indeed bothered by TPM’s overall worthlessness, but I mean, I wasn’t mad. Maybe my sarcasm sent the wrong message?

      That’s a good thought you have. The vast majority of internet marketing programs are probably scams. I’d say 90%. Or at least, it feels like 90%. They’re almost the norm. If I hadn’t stumbled upon WA I would’ve quit for sure.

  2. Hi Makki,
    I have to be honest with you mate…this is simply because I have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for a very long time. Having been burned and scammed as many times as I have, I wouldn’t recommend any products over Wealthy Affiliate. Turnkey Profit Machines? I am sorry buddy, the name just drives me away. Thanks for sharing this information with us mate. All the best to you!

    1. That’s how I feel Peter. Any name with Turnkey in it is bad news all together. WA is the only program that hasn’t burned me so far, so you’re in good hands with them. Thanks for reading!

  3. Hi Makki, thanks for this review on TPM, you know there are so many mmo products online these days and you’ve got to have all the facts before getting into any one at all. I think you have done justice to TPM in this case and I won’t have to work so hard to consider it if I see its promotion on any site. Thanks and have a great day.

    1. Very true Koko. The market is saturated with garbage to the point where you need to thoroughly research everything. It sucks, but you gotta stay safe. I definitely wouldn’t consider promoting TPM. Thanks for commenting!

  4. Wow! I agree with you that Facebook ads costs a lot of money if a beginner doesn’t know what he is doing. Like Tai Lopez or the OMG Special Ops program, I also agree that it isn’t scammy, but false advertising to get people to think they can get rich quick.

    1. The Facebook ads are what completely threw me off. How can you have the nerve to tell total beginners to throw money on ads instead of building their business? It’s terrible advice. The deception involved here is unreal. Just easy bait for naive newbies.

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