Is Zero Hour Work Days a Scam? – Not Exactly, but Be Careful!

zero hour work days review

Zero Hour Work Days
Overall Score: 1/10
Founder: Brendan Mace
Price:  $8.67 + Upsells (up to $900)

Hey there readers! I recently came across a new program that launched just a few days ago. Naturally, I decided to look into it.  Is it a legit opportunity, or is Zero Hour Work Days a scam? Find out in the next section!

What is Zero Hour Work Days?

In the world of internet marketing, it seems a new get-rich-quick program pops up every day. That might even be true. But ignoring my attempted hyperbole, I can safely say we’re onto a new one here.

Zero Hour Work Days (or ZHWD) is a passive income course that’s supposed to make you $9,259.74/month. I know, that number is eerily exact, even for a get-rich-quick scheme.

ZHWD was created by Brendan Mace, a YouTuber in the “make money” niche. He’s kinda popular, with about 25,000 subscribers. He’s experienced, but that doesn’t mean his product is what he hypes it up to be.

Speaking of hype, the sales page is full of it. It really tries to nail the “passive” part into your head.  We’re talking claims of $9000/month for like 20 minutes of work a day. I mean, look at this:

is zero hour work days legit

All that “weird trick” spiel lost all its credibility when literally every weight loss scam ad started using it. This is just one of many examples.

This whole thing already sounds pretty shifty. Tons of money with almost no effort involved, all for $8.67? I don’t think so.

Anyway, what exactly does ZHWD even do to get you loaded? How does it even work? All this and more… next!

Inside Zero Hour Work Days

If you took everything the sales page spews as fact, you’d think you would pay 8 bucks, watch a couple videos, and then copy paste some stuff. This is what all these too-good-to-be-true programs do. They make everything sound real easy.

Alright, so according to Brendan, the process is easy. So easy that it’s only a few steps:

  1. Make “money-grabbing” pages
  2. “Copy and paste” campaigns
  3. Unlimited traffic

It’s as simple as that.

The truth is that what Brendan is describing is email marketing. He simply sends out emails to a bunch of people so that they’ll open them and (hopefully) open the links inside.

I’m not doubting him here. This is a legit tactic and an extremely profitable business model… when you have you a bunch of people to send emails to. Otherwise known as an “email list.”

The actual “secrets” come from the modules that form the course. There are 8 altogether:

zero hour work days modules

If you’re familiar with these kinds of program, the modules will ring a few bells.

For one, it promises free ways to get traffic fast. I’ll bet my hat most of those “ways” are posting on social media like Facebook. And that does work, if you know what you’re doing. The people buying ZHWD would just post links on their personal accounts. That’s selling to friends and family, not free traffic.

Then you have the landing pages (“simple money pages”). I don’t know why, but gurus love pushing landing pages. Maybe it’s because they’re simple and easy to make. But mostly it’s to convince rookies that you don’t need a website to earn money.

That’s a false assumption. While you don’t always need a website,  the kind of people programs like ZHWD target really do. If they want the kind of money Brendan Mace makes, they absolutely do.

Finally there’s the copy and pasting in Module 7. Lots of people assume this is a good thing, but for $8 you’re not getting pre-written email campaigns. That’s gonna be an upsell, as you’ll see below.

The Upsells of ZHWD

I’m not gonna lie, ZHWD is pretty cheap. It’s not very fair to bash a program that’s less than 10 bucks. It’s even “on sale,” since the original price was apparently $197!

iceberg metaphor
Don’t be the Titanic in this iceberg metaphor!
What is fair, though, is to bash it for actually being way more than 10 bucks. In essence, upsells.

I complain about upsells in nearly every review I write. I just hate the idea of charging a low price only to charge a higher one right after a sale. And boy, does ZHWD charge.

The product also uses downsells, which only activate if you refuse to buy the item. These are incredibly dishonest and usually not mentioned till after an offer is refused.

There are 3 upsells here, each with it’s own downsell. Let me give you the skinny on ’em.

Copy and Paste Email Campaigns

This is something the sales page brags about, but it turns out this aspect of the program is locked behind an upsell. Basically, these copy and paste campaigns let you take pre-written emails and send them out instead of writing your own.

This upsell costs $37, but if you refuse to buy it, the price is reduced to $17. Not outrageous, but pretty pathetic.

Done for You Money Grabbing Pages

I called it. These are landing pages. The simplest ones you can make. Landing (or squeeze) pages are made to capture emails and add them to your list. However, having a landing page on its own is useless. It won’t get traffic. ZHWD doesn’t even mention that, but it’s a problem beginners will face.

You can have your money grabbing pages for $67, but again, turning it down lowers the price to $37. Go figure.

Private Coaching

Exactly what the subheading says. This is personal help straight from Brendan Mace himself. That admittedly would be a useful thing, until you look at the price.

Coaching costs $897. Yeah, almost 900 smackers. That’s ridiculous. Other programs let you get personal coaching (even from the owners!) for free.

If you turn down this upsell, the price will shrink to $197. Still a waste, and completely dishonest.

zero hour workdays sales funnel

All in all, the full ZHWD package costs $1008! Even with downsells, it’s $259.95, and that’s if a poor buyer doesn’t fall for the upsells right away.

Despite my hatred of them, upsells do work. Unfortunately, someone who’s already bought the $8 product is more likely to spend more. It’s psychology.

There’s still no good reason to use them, though. Unless you like deception, of course. Don’t even get me started on downsells. A pathetic way to squeeze as much as you can out of a customer.

Don’t Buy Into the Hype

As I said before, the sales page for ZHWD is happy to stretch the truth, juuust until you spend the $8. If you’re a rookie, it’s all downhill from there as you fall for the upsells.

You can tell this is a bogus product because Mace spends a lot of his sales page (and video) bragging about his lifestyle. That just creates unrealistic expectations. He’s spent years on this, and he’s earned his vacations. Spending 8 bucks will not give anyone his experience.

brendan mace zero hour
The sales page makes things look easy, but you’ll have top put in months (or years) of work in reality.

Plus, he makes things look way too easy. In one part he even says all he has to do is open his laptop and money flows in. Maybe at his level, but the hopefuls who buy this will never reach those heights with ZHWD.

brendan mace work days
He does travel a lot, but that doesn’t mean ZHWD will work for anyone.

To his credit, he does have video testimonials, but given that there’s a whole “testimonials” category on Fiverr, I’ve learned to distrust them, and so should you.

So Is Zero Hour Work Days a Scam? The Verdict!

Much as I hate to say it, no. Zero Hour Work Days is not a scam.

Why would I say that after bashing it throughout the whole review?

Because it’s still a product. Yeah, it’s practically useless and just a front to push the upsells, but it’s something.its something meme

I would think a total newbie would learn some useful info from this, but anyone with the slightest understanding of email marketing is wasting their time.

Plus, it only costs $8. For that price, you’re allowed to lower your standards. And it even has a 30-day return policy, so you can at least get your money back.

Don’t think this means I endorse it though. There is absolutely no way a beginner can make a reasonable amount of money with this. Or any amount of money, actually.

Brendan Mace’s $9000 a month comes from years of experience, a following, and a huge list. It takes a long, long, time to earn a passive income online. It’s not as simple as ZHWD makes it out to be.

A Better Choice

One thing ZHWD gets right is how fulfilling an online business can be. It really does become a “laptop” lifestyle… if you build it up the right way.

That’s right, I said “build.” None of these programs will make you money fast. Most of them won’t make you money at all, because they know people will just move onto the next false promise.

But if you actually start and grow a website, and build trust with your readers, you’ll be on the way to “$9,259.74.”

A lot of people flinch when they hear the idea of a website brought up, because they think it’s too technical and out of their league.

The good news is, it really isn’t. As a matter of fact, my #1 Super Program gives you 2 full, free websites when you join up. And yes, joining up is also free. You don’t even need a credit card!

So why not try it out? It’s free and will give you a wealth of lessons and tutorials to have your own business set up. This covers all the tools and resources you’ll ever need. The only thing you have to worry about is giving it your all.

Check Out My #1 Super Program Here!

What do you think of ZHWD? Is passive income really as easy as the sales page says it it? Got any questions? Leave a comment below!

Your pal in programs,






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20 thoughts on “Is Zero Hour Work Days a Scam? – Not Exactly, but Be Careful!

  1. Hello Mohammad, you are right by saying that new make money online products or programs pop up like crazy on the internet. It is so much that a naive beginner is at risk of falling for any of them because they are in the majority. But with people like you that are trying to keep them under magnified lenses will surely help people not be victimized by them.

    I will definitely watch out for Zero Hour Work Days. But which online program do you recommend by the way?

    1. Hey there Nnamdi. Thanks for the words of encouragement. These programs know that rookies will fall for their exaggerations. I used to fall for a lot of them myself, because deep inside you want to believe that you can get rich quick.

      I recommend Wealthy Affiliate. It’s the most realistic way, in my opinion, to go about building an online business. It covers all your needs and lets you try it for free. You can read my review right here.

  2. To be honest, I don’t trust anything that claims to make you get rich quick, uses flashing signs or has pictures of guys with mansions or cool cars! Its not worth trying to figure it out! I feel so sorry for those people who are being scammed out of their money because they just want a better life, don’t we all!

    1. Right? All the sales page is doing is making Brendan Mace look like a showoff. We all want more money, but how many of us are prepared to work for it? Programs like ZHWD speak to your desire to get rich with little effort. Eventually, people buying these programs will either stick with a legit training course like Wealthy Affiliate, or quit online business entirely. Hopefully they choose the former.

  3. Upsells just put me off. Sometimes I’ll just cancel the product and ask for my refund. What I’m curious is after getting those landing pages, how does one expect to build a profitable list apart from spamming their own social media timeline. Most forums and groups don’t tolerate spammy behavior.

    1. You nailed it! These gurus never mention the traffic part. Only the fact that you now have a generic landing page. That’s not useful at all! Plus, those “free traffic” tricks are, like you said, social media. Maybe Facebook Groups and forums too. But that’s all spamming.

      You’re right. The best thing to do when you see upsells is to run away. Thanks for reading, Kenny!

  4. God these products make me feel so angry! Thank you Makki for your review, it is certainly an eye opener. We need much more honest exposure of Internet scams such as this. Gratefully I’m a Wealthy Affiliate member and happy to be so 🙂


    1. Well, I didn’t really call it a complete scam, but it’s as close as a product can be to a scam without actually being one.

      This stuff grinds my gears as well. Glad to see you’re in WA, and thanks for commenting!

  5. I am always suspicious with these schemes where you get rich quickly. Like you said, he succeeded after years of experience, it did not happen overnight. In my opinion the only way to get money is through hard work coupled with determination and patience. Nice review Makki, thanks for sharing:)

    1. Hi Tasleem! He says how long it took him right there in the sales page, then tries to convince people they can do it all in a week or two. Anything promising instant success, or “copy my method,” or anything like that, they’re just selling a dream. Hard work and determination are the key. Yeah, it’s corny, but it’s still true.

  6. Hi Mohammad,
    I have seen so many of these get rich quick opportunities. I have to say, in the beginning, when I was naive, I bought a couple and was immediately inundated with the upsells and down sales. I would get a bad feeling about the programs because 8 dollars or 14 dollars turns out to be a waste of your money because you don’t get the full program and there is SO much left to learn. Your article is very helpful to those who are interested in ZHWD and understand what they are actually getting.

    1. Hey Linda, I actually fell for some of these programs too. I think everyone does at the beginning, if they’re not careful. But like you said, we usually start naive. Since the prices start out so low, we think we have nothing to lose, but then the upsells arrive, and we actually think they can help. Hopefully more and more people decide to research before buying into something like this.

  7. Hi Makki, thanks for sharing your review on this program.

    I’ve seen this sales page pop up every now and again the last few days and I’ve been looking to see if it’s any good. I follow Brendan’s videos on Youtube and he usually offers value in those videos, so I’m slightly disappointed to see this product from him. I can tell right away from the landing page that it’s full of hype. From what I’ve seen so far of the program I personally wouldn’t want to encourage others to get into this program as it’s just too dishonest.

    Have you heard any reviews specifically about the training offered in the different modules? Do you think they’re in-depth? Do you think they’re even worth the initial $8 investment? (as theres so much of this time of info you can learn for free these days)

    1. While I was writing the review, I also watched some of Brendan’s videos. He comes across as a good guy, I guess. But here, he just comes across as another guru, right down to the generic overhyped sales page.

      The videos inside are decent. Nothing special, but not awful. Personally, I think they’re not worth buying, only because so much of it is free elsewhere. A total newbie might find something in it, though. If you have more than a few months of experience online, I say skip it.

  8. Makki, you have a unique way of both shooting very straight and making your opinions clear while still being very fair about it. This is summed up well with how you say you feel about ZHWD. You’re also very good at offering support for your opinions, and you’ve done that again here.

    There are clearly opportunities with these models, but the marketing and communication of them are misleading. It’s too bad, but also understandable. We’re our own worst enemies. If this was marketed as, “Work your face off for a LONG time and THEN, just MAYBE, you’ll be enjoying some passive income,” would we jump to support it? Probably not. So anyone that jumps on ZHWD expecting immediate results will get the same as those who vote for these politicians promising immediate change. It doesn’t work that way. It’s always a process, and it always – ALWAYS – takes work and becomes a reflection of who you really are.

    I love your reviews and look forward to reading your eBook as well. Keep it up!

    Best wishes,


    1. Your metaphor sounds about right, Kevin! Actually,it’s perfect. Well, I’d say gurus have no intention of helping their customers anyway, while politicians are a lot more grey. People always demand immediate change, but trying to cut corners will only cost their wallets.

      I suppose programs like ZHWD need to hype it up if they want sales. The irony is that people like Brendan Mace know how long it takes for beginners to get to their level, but manage to sell stuff like this anyway because they know people are impatient and, deep down inside, want to believe that this works. Thanks for your feedback Kevin!

  9. Makki, Thanks for your review about Brendan Macet, he has just release The banger method and I was searching reviews about it, problem is that most reviews are from affiliates who still don’t explain how the money comes from ! No explanation of the business model

    1. Hey Michael, that’s a good point. Affiliates are sometimes more concerned with promoting their link than being transparent. I can sympathize with that, but it’s always important not to over hype what you’re recommending.

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