How to Find Your Blogging Niche with WordPress

How to Find a Niche for Your Blog

Blogging is becoming more and more popular. Every day, hundred of blogs are created, and there are countless ones out making good money. If you’re thinking of blogging for business, or just want to start your own blog for fun, then you need a plan. The first problem you’ll encounter when you start your blog is figuring out your blogging niche. In this article, we’ll share a few valuable tips on how to find your perfect blogging niche.

So how do you choose a perfect niche? First thing’s first: figure out the purpose of your blog. By knowing the purpose of your blog, you can decide whether you want your blog to be just a hobby or you want to make a money from it:


The first question to ask yourself when choosing the niche for your blog is, “What is the purpose of my blog?

Is my blog something I want to make money from?
This is quite a fundamental question that you should not skip over lightly.

There is absolutely nothing wrong in having a blog as a hobby, and whatever you decide, you need to enjoy doing it otherwise it will just get neglected and eventually abandoned.

If you definitely want to make money from your blog, then there are other considerations which we’ll come to later on.

But making money varies, and for some people it might mean making a full-time living from it, whilst for others it might mean making some pocket money, or at least enough money to cover the costs of running a blog; e.g. domain, hosting, theme, plugins, etc. Read more at

If your intention is to make money, you should consider a niche that is more popular where you can make a living.

What is the purpose of your blog?

Next is to ask yourself what you’re passionate about. Since you’ll be the one creating and making your own blog then it should be topics that you’re interested to write about in a daily manner. A recent post from WP Explorer explains the importance of passion:

Ask Yourself What You’re Passionate About

Before you break into a blogging niche, consider what you’re passionate about. Since you will be responsible for creating consistent content about that topic, it should be something you’re interested in and have a lot to say about. What’s more, your blog posts will sound more authentic and less like a sales pitch when you are passionate about your topic.

Therefore, you can start by making a list of your passions, interests, and hobbies. Then focus on the ones you have something unique to say about, and that you think you can write about for years to come. You may also want to consider your goals at this point. If you plan to monetize your blog, for example, you need to be sure your niche is profitable (more about this in a moment). Alternately, you might be looking to increase awareness about an issue, or share educational information. Whatever you want from blogging, your niche should be able to provide it. h/t

What’s good about picking a niche that you’re passionate about is that you’ll have prior knowledge about that subject. This is a great advantage when you’re starting out since you won’t waste time researching for a topic that you have limited knowledge on.

Last but not least, look for a niche topic that people want and ask for. If there isn’t an audience for it, you won’t have much potential for growth:

Look for a niche topic that people want and ask for

Successful blogs are not built on passion and ideas alone. Just because your heart comes alive at a calling doesn’t mean that there is an audience for it.

You need to consider the reality in the market, the demand and interest from an audience. Look for something real people are already trying to do, then help them do it and solve their problems.

These are topics that are important to them, and real pain points too as people have taken their time to ask questions about them. So how do you find what people want and ask for? Via

There are some niches that are a lot easier to build because they have an audience already and makes more money than others. You should look for a niche that caters to the demand of the audience.

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